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Case Title:  Hysterectomy kills her libido and sexual orgasm and causes her vaginal dryness - solutions
Reader 2/22/2003>Over the last 2 years i had to have 4 surgeries. Overall the final judgement was that i had severe endometriosos and the last surgery was a full hysterctomy.the other three surgeries was the first for a large tumor that they fromved my left ovary and the tumor. the second they removed scar tissue that had built up around my organs from the first surgery and the third they removed more scar tissue . the second two surgeries were manly because the scar tissure was squishing my bladder and kidneys causeing tons of pain. now for the last two years of all this i have had a horrible sex life and even before because i have alays had these health problems. i find myself with no desire for sex anymore since my hysterctomy. i have always had trouble having orgasms because i have always had pain with intercourse with my husband. i find the only way in the last couple of years for me to achieve an orgasm is with a vibrator on the outside of my clitoral area. since my hsterectomy i dont lubricate very well even if i have gotten myself turned on. iwant to have an orgasm so badly while having sex with my husband.i want to experience an inside orgasm and not just an outside one. it has been so long (6-8 years ) since i have had an inner orgasm. i have been looking for medications or cream. at this point i will try anything just so i can get some satisfaction. so if you can please help. thanks
Dr. Lin: 2/22/2003>
Sorry to hear your painful story. It seems there is no secondary choice but Hysterectomy to release your pain.
Due to the fact that the uterus and cervix are the major storage of androstenedione, the precursors of testosterone and estrone (weak estrogen), hysterectoomy generally causes vaginal dryness and vaginally orgasmic dysfunction (about 95% chance for the former orgasmic women from our statistics ) as expected.
However, women can still achive orgasm with a stimulation on the first 1-3 inches of the urethral nerves from inside (G-spot) and outside (the clitoris) simultaneouly. A deep vaginal penetration is useless. This means, you should try my Finger Plers Method first. Also, you should increase the sensitivity of your G-spot and clitoris and power your brain's dopamine and acetylcholine nervous systems with Viapal-hGH-J (3-015).  VIP Cream (1-015) can give you instant lubrication and nervous heating. 

By the way,  The vibrator will kill your clitoris as described in this link - http://www.actionlove.com/extra/vibrator.htm Please read the following links -
A hysterectomized customer said ' Just to let you know -- wonderful results "like pliers" I was told.' for sexual orgasm. ViaPal-hGH-E and the Finger Pliers Method helps hysterecomized women achieve orgasm.
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Hysterectomy patients need the Heat Tea to sexual orgasm!
Hysterectomy and sexual orgasm! Lady! please protect your sex organs, by eating more soy products and green vegetables.
Removing of the Cervix will change the natural contraction frequency of the uterus during sexual orgasm!
Hysterectomy patients can achieve sexual orgasm too! A senior nurse experience

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