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Case Title: Over-masturbator's experiences for psychological instabilities, body pains/cramps/stiffness, eye floaters and loss of concentration.
Reader: 2/18//2003>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I have seen so many doctors to this day, and have yet to find someone who can help me. I actually stumpled on to your website one day while doing some searches on my symptoms, and noticed that a lot of the sexual exhaustion symptoms documented on your site matched mine. The problems that I have started since I was 17, which at that time started out with extreme burning pain in the buttox and groin muscles after ejaculation. As the years went on, I started not wanting to have sex because I didn't want to experience the pain. Also, as every year passed, I started to notice that the symptoms would get worse... i.e. .. I would not only experience the burning pain, but would start to experience other symptoms like - pelvic achiness, tail bone tearing or pinching or hip dysplasia (like in dogs). I also, experienced chills after sex and nerve buzzing or tingling or numbing sensations in my legs and sometimes the odd spasm in my spine (Note: All these symptoms above used to just occur after sex with some stiffness and hip and knee joint pain on the following day). At the age of 22, I saw a specialist to check my prostate for infection etc, which turned up negative. I also explained to this specialist about the severe burning pains after sex and he told me this was normal and to live with it. Years passed and it seemed like that symptoms would get worse and last longer. I also noticed something happening that may be unexplainable, in that I feel like my hip joints have rotated outward from the spine, just as if I were developing hips like a woman. This hip movement would often occur in the hours or days following an ejaculation, and while this pinching was going on in my tailbone area and groin/pelvic muscle pain was going on, it would feel to me like my joints were separating outward. I came up with my own philosophy one day, which I shared with my doctor, whereby, I felt that because of my over-masterbating during my teens, that somehow, m!
y testosterone levels got depleted and that the other hormone estrogen levels took over, and thus was causing my hip development and other symptoms. Well my doctor thought I was a nut and told me that since I had testes, a penis, and hair in all the normal male places, that I had nothing to worry about. So, I left this doctor, more years passed, until I would get frustrated again. Then one day, I explained some of the problems that I was going through to a sister, who then referred me on to a Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who talked about patients that experience similar symptoms to mine - more associated with stuff like a chlamidia infection etc. Anyway, his cure was to go on a course of antibiotics to rid your body of this bug. Anyway, after much pressure I convinced a doctor to put me on Doxycycline (as per Dr. Gabe's suggestion) which I stayed on for 3 years. I have to say, that immediately after taking the doxycycline, that the burning muscle pains after sex slowed to a stop, but it seemed that the pelvic achiness and numbness and stiffness in my legs continued and still continues to this day, sometimes lasting 3 days after an ejaculation. At this point I don't know what to do, I don't take doxycycline anymore, and take a chondroitin/glucosamine supplement to help with the stiffness etc. For the record I was a heavy masterbator from the time I was 13 to the age of 16. At the time I really didn't know much about it, as my cousin showed it to me - and then from there I was hooked. Also over the years, besides the fact that my symptoms are getting worse and last longer (i.e. taking longer for me to recover from them as I get older, as when I was young (20's) - I would ejaculate feel the burning muscle pain afterwards and then I would get ready to go again. Whereas now (34), I ejaculate, I feel achy, have chills and sore muscles in the hip, groin, pelvic region, then I immediately fall asleep .. and then experience numbness and stiffness for days). I also wanted to mention that I have no problems getting an erection, or ejaculating. I just want to have sex with my wife and not have these problems anymore, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, some other symptoms I have noticed are lack of concentration, eye floaters, depression (mood swings), irritability, and quick temper. 

Dr. Lin: 02/18/2003>  

Your serotonin nervous function has been burned by your over-masturbation.  A low serotonin level in the brain causes psychological instability.
This has also created the problems for you due to excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion in your rear brain and adrenal medulla after you ejaculate. That is, excessive adrenalin (stress hormone) in your bloodstream and epinephrine/sympathetic nervous systems with a low level of serotonin causes the problems for you.
You won't have a good sleep either when there is insufficient serotonin to be converted into the sleeping hormone melatonin by the pineal gland. Without a good sleeping, your hGH/DHEA/androstenedione production becomes insufficient to recharge the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems for healing and restoration. This is particularly important for recovery and healing in your post-ejaculation state. So, excessive stress hormone and insufficient hGH/DHEA/androstenedione and acetylcholine, your tissues won't produce enough the relaxation and elasticity hormone Prostaglandin E-1 for your ligaments, joints, muscles and nervous fibers. Particularly, your pelvic muscles/ nerves, penile and testicle tissues which experience ejaculation contraction, suffer the most. That is the entire muscles, joints and nerves in the pelvic cavity will experience post-ejaculation pains, cramps or stiffness. Your rear, neck and shoulders will suffer too.
The urethral or prostate pains are due to seminal blasting.
If you check your eye pupils before and after ejaculation, you will find out the dilation of your eye pupils in the post-ejaculation state due to excess epinephrine (adrenalin) and sympathetic nervous action on the vision nerves with a weak acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous restoration and healing. For the same reasons, you may have ringing ears or get noisy hearing, as well. The acetylcholine nervous function is responsible for memory, intelligence and mind. More information on the side effects of over-masturbation is given in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9848.htm and http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9875.htm 

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