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Case Title:  Birth control pills or/ and anti-depression drugs fully castrate her, of course, for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 2/12//2003>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I am a 21 year old Chinese female, and I have been having sex with my boyfriend for almost a year now. I have NEVER experienced an orgasm while having sex with him, however, he almost always reaches ejaculation, usually 5-10 minutes after we start having sex. Afterwards, he is usually tired and cannot get his penis up again, thus leaving me unsatisfied and still horny. He has no problem getting his penis erect, it's just that he can't last very long. I have usually been ok with this, because I'm not selfish and as long as somebody is feeling good, then I am fine. But for once, I would like to experience a sexual orgasm when I have sex with him. I have noticed that when I have sex with him, my vagina is not very sensitive, and I don't really feel much sensation or pleasure, and after a while, the entrance to my vagina starts to hurt and become irritated. I have no problem getting wet, but I can't seem to ever get even close to an orgasm. I don't know if it is the size!
of his penis (it's not very big or long at all) or if it's just me, that I don't have a sensitive vagina. Also, I have been taking birth control pills (Triphas?l 28) and anti-depressants (Effex?r, Resp?rdal, and Wellb?trin)... I don't know if these drugs have effected my sexual response but I have stopped taking Triph?sil 28 and as for the anti-depressants, I am only taking Wellbutr?n now. Is there anything you can suggest to help me reach an orgasm for once in my life? Or are there any products I can take to help me out? Remember, I am only 21 years old. Thank you for your help.

Dr. Lin: 02/12/2003> 

I have discussed the chemical castration done by birth control chemicals and anti-depression drugs in the articles of these two links -
Birth control chemicals produce a long-term chemical castration for women if their liver functions have been too weak to detoxify the birth control chemicals. The birth control chemicals are to block the brain (hypothalamus/pituitary) - ovarian axis by flooding the brain's hormone receptors with the artificial progesterone (progestin) or/and estrogen (conjugated estrogen), so that the eggs won't become mature and won't be released to the uterus. But, their effects are very extensive to the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous, thyroid, and adrenal functions. The ovaries  produce 50% of androstenedione (the testosterone and estrone precursors), directly and indirectly about 50% of testosterone,  and about 10-20% of DHEA, while the adrenal glands synthesizes 50% of androstendione, directly and indirectly about 50% of testosterone,  and about 80-90% of DHEA.  Note that the indirect androstenedione-testosterone conversion, triggered by a liver enzyme, occurs in the tissues, blood, joints, ligaments and organs.   DHEA is the Kidney Yin and Androstenedione the Kidney Yang. Interfering the production of the Kidney Yin and Yang will result in sexual dysfunction for men and women. Androstenedione directly help heat the nervous ending and lubricate the vagina for sexual and orgasmic responses to sexual stimulation. DHEA can be converted to androstenedione to boost the sexual function, that is the Yin assists the Yang. Testosterone heats the sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves when it is converted to DHT. DHT produce the ballooning effect of the erecting clitoris and G-spot for nervous hyper-sensitivity and orgasm.
It is very common that birth control chemicals causes deficiency of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin and the hormones DHEA, androstenedione and testosterone by blocking the liver enzymes that trigger the hormone and neurotransmitter syntheses, resulting in depression and nervous desensitization. Acetylcholine is responsible for the nervous sensitivity and hemodilation of the arteries for erection and engorgement, in addition the memory and mind.
Then, the women with depression are prescribed anti-depression drugs which perform 100% fully chemical castration for them. Due to the full castration and the numbness of the clitoris and G-spot, they will buy a vibrator to kill their clitoris and G-spot. We have a lot of cases like this in this link  -

Birth control chemicals or/and anti-depression drugs causes penetration and intercourse due to a lack of the tissue- and nerve-relaxation/elasticity hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1). This is because the drugs blocks the liver, adrenal, and ovarian functions that produce DHEA (the Kidney Yin) and androstenedione (the Kidney Yang) essential to the PGE-1 synthesis in the tissues where the acetylcholine and nitric oxide are released in the neuro-muscular endings. 
Without the PGE-1 in the vaginal orifice and canal, the tissues and nerves can stand the stress or strain produced by friction, abrasion, compression, stretching or expansion. This causes tissues abrasion at the vaginal entrance and the penetration or intercourse pain no matter how wet your vagina is or how much lubricant you apply to the vagina. There is a magic word for this problem. It is called vaginismus

You need a low dose of Viapal-hGH-J (3-015) to get rid of these problems and your anti-depreession drugs.

You need birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you can use the natural birth control method -

At least, you need a combination of spermicidal jelly and condom during your ovulation period -
and you can use spermicidal jelly for the rest of the time.

If he can last 5-10 minutes, he can last much longer to 30-60 minutes with my anal breathing and tailbone exercises.

more sexual kung-fu for men and wemen is given in

or please read the following links:
His experiences with the anal breathing/sexual Chikong power surges for sexual orgasm without ejaculation.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10820.htm 
He said 'I've bought your CD and got tremendous benefits from it.';
successfully trained the auto-neuro-reflexion of the anal-tailbone muscles for
sexual orgasm without ejaculation; solved the prostate problem and powered his
brain and the parasympathetic nervous function in the visual, hearing and cardiovascular
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ejaculation is possible with the Cobra-CAT 3-point Excitation Missionary position - the lovemaking science for sexual orgasm. 
Anal breathing sexual orgasm without ejaculation, pro-hormone dietary
supplements, DHT, estrogen, hair loss, prostate health, blood circulation,
and liver detoxification. 
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sex and sexual orgasm - the trick of Dr. Lin's Sexual ChiKong Breathing 
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orgasm and benefiting both sexes.
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He said 'I Have tried your ejaculation control method and I am making
love everyday, each time lasting about 40-55 mins. ...but my wife feels tired from too many orgasms ' - solution for too many sexual orgasm (s)
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9289.htm 

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