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Case Title:  This young man said 'It was like MAGIC!!' - Dr.Lin's Sexual  Chikong and Penile balloon method let him last longer and increase his penile length.
Reader: 2/08//2003>

Hi Dr. Lin,

Your advices are really amazing! I have premature ejaculation problem
but after i surfed into your website, i became confident! I have tried your
chikong and penile balloon method and my penis was really increased in length! :)
It was like MAGIC!! :) Yesterday, i masturbated for about 30 min. 
But there are some problems:-

1. I need to stop masturbate frequently and massage my penis base in order to 
avoid ejaculate. Are there any possibilities to stop ejaculate without
stopping and starting again?

2. I can't synchronize the chikong breathing with the motion of hand jobs.
It seems like i cant concentrate on chikong while masturbing. Any advices?

I hope u can help me on this. Thank you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Lin: 02/08/2003>

1. It depends on
a). the intensity of the temporarily-superimposed nervous signals in the sensory synapses (the sum operation amplifiers in the sensory nervous input circuits to the ascending spinal cord tracts to the brain, where the DC biased voltage (resting potential) in the sensory nerve or the serotonin nervous attenuator will affect the output of the sum operation amplifier.
b). the semen level in the seminal vesicles - you can not eliminate ejaculation when seminal vesicles are full.
c). the production of the pre-ejaculation fluid (precum) by a pair of bulbourethral glands below the prostate and above the Hwei-Yin point (the center point between the scrotum and anus).
d). the sympathetic nervous action on the prostate and bulbourethral glands, that is , the DC voltage (resting potential) in the sympathetic nerves to the prostate and bulbourethral glands, where the serotonin nervous attenuator can reduce the sympathetic nervous action and reduce the release of precum.
e). the testosterone level which affects the seminal production and the DC potential in all the nerves - at the T level higher than 800 ng/dl,  you can not eliminate ejaculation when your sensory and sympathetic nervous circuits are overheated  or your seminal vesicles are full.
f). the brain's dopamine level (Master Yang) - the orgasm fire, where a burst of the dopamine-adrenalin conversion upon orgasm.

If you can last for 30 minutes by the stop-and-go method at the age of 23, you may be able to suppress ejaculation if your seminal vesicles is about 80% full or low, if your sympathetic nervous potential drops by increasing the serotonin nervous modulation or by the nervous interference method with sexual chikong breathing , and if you don't discharge precum more than 3-4 drops.

2. You have to use the digitally stepwise inhaling or hold your deep breathing for few minutes.
The anal breathing method with the digitally stepwise inhaling is best, since it relaxes the prostate and bulbourethral glands but attempts to trigger the tailbone muscular contraction for orgasm with the somatic nerves, and forces the lung cells to synthesize more NO and CO to relax the arteries. Anal Breathing can train a man to have the orgasmic contraction in the anus/tailbone muscle without ejaculation. For more information, Please read -
How to Reverse aging for erection and sexual orgasm - the stress-hormone busters and the parasympathetic nervous power generators! Including the effect of the ChiKong breathing on the production of the Neurotransmitters NO and CO.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9068.htm 
He said 'your sex chikong breathing works great' for control of ejaculation
and sexual orgasm, but how to do it right? Why it works? Turn the lungs into the air
compressing chamber and Increase the neurotransmitter CO (Carbon Monoxide) and NO (Nitric Oxide) levels in the brain! 
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9050.htm  
He said 'My abrasion has resolved itself. No, not from your products but from you sexual chi kung technique.... Low back pain was also resolved.. ' Beware of the brain's responses to the non-ejaculation sexual-orgasm psychic power when your serotonin level is too low!.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10666.htm 

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