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Case Title:  He said said ' I purchased the viapal p pack and had sex a couple days later with a girl I met. We had sex off and on for about 6 hours and my erection was amazingly hard as a rock.' On solution of retarded ejaculation.
Reader: 2/04//2003>
Dr. Lin,

I purchased the viapal p pack and had sex a couple days later with a girl I met. We had sex off and on for about 6 hours and my erection was amazingly hard as a rock. She thought I was a freak of science, I kid you not. The problem I'm still having though is I can't ejaculate when I'm with a woman, either inside orally or through masturbation. I also have a hard time later once I'm home. But if I casually masturbate during the week or something I can cum in 5 minutes. I've cut way back on the amount that I do that. Just wondering if you have any suggestions as to how I can handle this one last thing. I heard somewhere if you don't cum for a week and only masturbate softly with no outside stimulation, giving yourself only 3-4 minutes to acomplish the task. Then repeat the process waiting 6 days, then 5, then 3 you can retrain your body. Do you agree with this?

Dr. Lin: 02/05/2003>So, if you accumulate semen for a week, you can ejaculate in 5 minutes with a hard stimulation on your urethral nerves and the male trigger zone (the male G-spot, please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/trigger.htm  ) under the neck of the glans penis and the testicles. It seems your prostate just slowed down the seminal production in the past. That is normal for your age. I had the same problem before I started taking my products during my 43, and sometimes ejaculated nothing when the prostate was contracting. Thus, I have discovered the relationship between the brain's (neuro and hormonal) nutrients and seminal production (or orgasmic frequency for women).  Increasing the intake of ViaGrowth-IV to boost your testosterone level over 500 ng/dl can accelerate your seminal production for naturally resuming a normal ejaculation. if you are on antidepression drugs, you can start to withdraw them in order to accelerate your prostate's seminal production.  The simply mechanical solution to trigger instant ejaculation is to directly massage or stimulate the prostate via your anus with her finger. This approach can trigger ejaculation pain if your seminal inventory is too low.  

Our record shows your last order was on Jan. 27 2003 and you received on Jan. 30, 2003. ViaPal-hGH-P generally restores a long-lasting hard erection and seminal production. Restoration of the prostate seminal production requires 2-3 weeks time frame, which may be longer than restoration of erection, depending on your brain's dopamine level and the free testosterone level in your bloodstream. Boosting the free testosterone level can stimulate seminal production in a short time. After a few week nervous and sexual rejuvenation, senior or middle-aged men and women will become a super ejaculator. Please read
Your prostate seminal production function will be resumed in about 2 or 3 weeks. but, please limit your ejaculation frequency to about 2 or 3 times a week so that your prostate can take a day off at least.

Generally, the retarded ejaculation problem is associated with
1. how much semen is stored in the seminal vesicles.
a full load will make you come more quickly; a half load or less may delay your ejaculation for hours or requires a hard stimulation on the urethral nerves and your "G-spot".
2. what are the seminal chemistries the concentration of the Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) and E-2 (PGE-2), where PGE-1 lets you erect very hard and PGE-2 make you come very quickly.
The ratio of PGE-1 to PGE-2 is very critical too. Excessive PGE-1 is likely to let you erect for many hours without ejaculation.
Whe we are getting older, our PGE-1 and PGE-2 syntheses drops significantly. The PGE-2 production is highly and positively associated with androstenedone, testosterone and dopamine, while PGE-1 highly and positively with hGH, DHEA, androstendione, acetylcholine and serotonin (that reduce the dopamine-adrenalin conversion), but negatively with adrenalin (the stress).
3. The efficiency of the prostate seminal production mechanism.
Generally, sexual arousal will promote seminal production. A beautiful female naked body or pornography can instantaneously stimulate seminal production. Some men get so excited that they ejaculate instantly upon penetration.
4. The vaginal tightness - A tight vagina can effectively stimulate the male urethral nerve and the male G-spot (trigger zone).
5. The female vaginal and cervical secretion chemistries.
Again, the female love juices contains PGE-1 and PGE-2. A flooding of the female love juice containing a high level of PGE-1 will stimulate the male urethral nerve for a hard erection during sex, while a flooding of the female love juice containing a high level of PGE-2 will stimulate the male urethral nerves for a premature ejaculation.
A lossened, dried vagina tends to delay the male ejaculation, while a tight, wet vagina likely trigger the male premature ejaculation.

Bbrain's/nervous/hormornal nutrients like ours products or foods can boost male and female ejaculation volumes.

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