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Case Title:  She said ' my orgasm that morning was so long and intense-it was FABULOUS.' and experienced the first-time vaginal female ejaculation in her midlife, even with a rough childbirth that has torn her vaginal muscle.
Reader: 2/03//2003>
For a month or so I have been taking MoodmAX am, DopaFibra and 5 HTP at Noon, Viagrowth IV at 6PM and 5HTP an hour before bed. I was seeing a lot of change in the tightness of my vagina - not enough yet but the first hope since a rough childbirth (forceps with separartion of the posterior vaginal muscle which was later operated on to bring closer together). I did notice that I was too sleepy in the afternoon and my sex drive was diminishing, so I didn't take the afternoon 5 HTP for two days. Couldn't sleep well once again. Then I tried taking the 5HTP at 6 PM and again about 8:30 PM (an hour before bed). I slept better, but the sex drive was still down. I ordered your heat tea and ginseng and penisos. I gave the Viagrowth III to my boyfriend. I added the heat tea w/ ginseng and penisos to my regime in the AM and an hour before bed. Did that for two days and noticed some improvement in drive, but didn't want to overload my liver so the third day I just took it in the morning. Next morning we had sex and not only was he a little harder, but I was sopping wet (I usually have trouble getting wet even if I'm excited or orgasm). I mean it poured over him when I was on top and left puddles on the sheet. Is there such a thing as being too wet? I liked it but want to make sure there is still some friction for him. Also, I have been urinating like crazy. Is this normal? The last two days it even seems a little hard to get the pee to come out full force-am I too swollen? It doesn't feel like it when I put my finger in my vagina. I know the Kidney chi is affected by your products so I was wondering if all this sounds normal. Oh, and my orgasm that morning was so long and intense-it was FABULOUS. I am looking forward to continuing to heal and grow my g-spot and clitoris. I feel as though my clitoris has been shrinking since childbirth. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful work and products.

Dr. Lin: 02/03/2003> " Is there such a thing as being too wet? "
It is called vaginal female ejaculation! Congratulation! The vaginal female ejaculation requires a high-power orgasmic contraction from the entire pelvic cavity to squeeze out the fluid from your "Female Seminal Vesicles" - the paraurethral/Sken's glands which are distributed over the spongy tissues between the bladder and uterus and between urethra and vagina.  Women taking our products will likely experience a huge dilation of spongy tissues to trap more fluid for ejaculation from the vagina during a high power orgasm..
please read this link -
Our products will increase the urinary flow and you will drink more water or juices to flush your liver and kidneys to achieve detoxification.
It seems the flushing liquid may also become your vaginal ejaculation. The kidney flushing fluid goes to bladder as a part of urine; the liver flushing fluid drains to the paraurethral/Sken's glands.
I sure that your urethral spongy tissues (the inner penis) may be frequently erecting like the teenage boy's penis. The dilation of the spongy tissues creates a vacuum cavity to force the fluids in the adjacent organs to diffuse into paraurethral/Sken's glands for ejaculation.
We men know it is very difficult to urinate when the penis is erecting or when we are sexually aroused. Women experiences the same too. It is perfectly normal since your parasympathetic nerves S1-S4 are supposed to function that way in the frequent erection and sexual arousal. This is because the active parasympathetic nerves generally have to shut the bladder outlet and to prepare for the ejaculation from the seminal vesicles once the sympathetic orgasm is triggered. Women's bladder outlet have the same control as the men's. When you have a frequent erection and/or sexual arousal, your bladder outlet will be shut off. This will force your bladder fluids to diffuse into the paraurethral/Sken's glands. This let you experience more female vaginal ejaculation.

When you continue these products, please also do the vaginal muscular exercises when you have time or sex. or go peeing. This will accelerate the development of vaginal tightness. It will take couple months to build the up the vaginal muscles like what the body builders try to do the six packs.
The morning sexual screwing is the best way to tone the vaginal muscles -
It will take a while to build a powerful vaginal muscle like this - handling a 0.5 " Chinese "brush" pen to write -

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