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Case Title:  She is missing sexual orgasms after an hysterectomy and bladder repair; how to reclaim them.
Reader: 2/02//2003>
I had an hysterectomy and minor bladder repair 8 months ago, I have not been able to experience an orgasm since.
Before the operation I loved sex and achieved orgasm probably 1 out of 3 times. My orgasms were very intense. I am really missing them. Can you help?

Dr. Lin: 02/02/2003>Hysterectomy surgery removes the uterus and of course cuts a lot of sensory, parasympathetic (outflowing from S2-S4) and sympathetic (outflowing from T11-12 and L1-2) nerves. The uterus also stores a lot of androstenedione for the estrogen and testosterone conversion during sexual arousal and for supporting the erection/engorgement of the clitoral/urethral/g-spot spongy tissues, the continuous vaginal lubrication during sex, and the tenting of the uterus/cervix, all of which are essential for vaginal orgasm. Hysterectomy may damage the nerves to the G-spot too, depending on the individual surgery. However, some of the hysterectomized women are luckily to keep them for enjoying more trouble-free sexual pleasure.
The parasympathetic nerves are responsible for the erection of the urethral/G-spot spongy tissues and the tenting of the uterus/cervix and preparation of the uterine contraction during orgasm; the sympathetic nerves for triggering the uterine orgasmic contraction.
After hysterectomy, the nerves and the hormonal receptors in the uterus/cervix have been removed. A deep vaginal stimulation won't help you. You have to have the first 1-3 inches of your urethral nerves simultaneously stimulated from both inside (the G-spot) and outside (the clitoris) in order to achieve orgasm. Also you have to supply your entire urethral spongy tissues with sufficient androstenedione and neurotransmitter acetylcholine's precursors so that the urethral spongy tissues can erect properly and the local nervous circuits have enought acetylcholine to receive from and respond to the sexual stimulation.
This is particularly important for women after 35.
If you have your ovaries removed, your androstenedione level would have dropped more than 50%, leading to a deficiency of estrogen and testosterone available for sexual arousal and orgasm. Generally, if you can boost your neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine and hormones androstendeione/testosterone levels, you should be able to reclaim your orgasms with the first 1-3 inches stimulation of your urethral nerves.
You can take Viapal-hGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001) and apply my Finger Pliers method to test your orgasmic capacity..
where 5-HTP is to prevent an excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion during sexual arousal and orgasm, and some of menopause symptoms.
The Finger Pliers method can help women achieve orgasm by excluding the male sexual dysfunctions - erectile disorder and premature ejaculation This method is an independent testing of women's orgasm capacity including clitoral/G-spot erection and the ultimate orgasmic contraction, without the interference of the male problems.
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