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Case Title:  Chronic Over-masturbation induced problems can not be detected by the modern high-tech body scanning systems, but the Chinese acupunctural bioelectric potential analyzer; Ok here is the solution.
Reader: 1/30/2003>
My Problem is over mastrubation since I was 17 years old. I now have pelvic pain with penis pain and pain in the tissues below my testies. My testies have strange sesatins at times . I have read you stories of simular pain and can associate them with mine. The chronic pain is overwhelming and a feeling of dispare and no hope exists. I think I noticed sometype of vein difference on my penis. The more I walk the discomfort continues till it becomes unbareable. Future mastrubation always ends up eventually in discomfort and semen level seems low. I just have pain in what I believed to be my prostate area..I was told I had prostitus a few year ago. Recently the medical doctors have spun me in circles for 6 months . Your article is interesting. How can you help me. Any recommendations?? Thank you for your attention.
Dr. Lin: 01/30/2003>The over-masturbation induced pains or problem can not be detected by any high-tech medical scanners or doctor's diagnoses; only the Chinese acupunctural bioelectric potential analyzer can detect the problems with an indication of the Chi deficiency in the Liver and Kidney (including the kidney, adrenal) systems- a low electric resting potential (DC voltage) in the parasympathetic (vagus) nerves to the liver and adrenal glands. In severe cases, the Heart and Stomach systems will suffer the similar problem too. The analyzer measures the DC voltage on the two acupunctural points of each finger and toe tip and compute the Chi (bioelectric) level of the 12 acupunctural networks associated with the internal organ functions (the parasympathetic (Yin)  and sympathetic (Yang) nervous actions). When the DC potential in the vagus nerves drop to an alert level, the S1-S5 and C0 parasympathetic nervous functions will be almost shut down in order to support the vagus-nerves associated organ functions for the fundamental life support. Before you approaches to this condition, you will suffer pains or cramps in the pelvic area, low body and neck and shoulder; the healing power is low, the ejaculation fluid is watery or nothing comes out. Chronic over-masturbation causes prostatitis and urethritis due to the chronically severe seminal blasting of the prostate and urethra duct.
Viapal-HGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001) can help you out.
By the way, please take a week sexual break for healing. 
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