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Case Title:  Dildo stimulation of the prostate results in abdominal pain for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/23/2003>
I used a dildo to stimulate my prostrate for the first time. I was a little too rough since I had abdominal pains for a couple of weeks afterwards. The abdominal pains went away but I still have other effects and I am concerned that I damaged my prostate or other sex organs in some way. My penis often feels shrunken and my sex drive has noticably decreased. One time my penis suddenly retracted into my foreskin while I was at work, which was an odd and unpleasant experience (I am circumcised). I am 27 and would appreciate any advice.

Dr. Lin: 01/23/2003>I think you have over-stimulated your prostate, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands at the same time.
If you get used (addicted) to this pleasure, you have over-ejaculated yourself too.
This problem results from a lack of the tissues/nerves-elasticity and relaxation hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) synthesis and the seminal production.
Semen contains a lot of PGE-1 and thus semen can supply PGE-1 to the adjacent tissues and muscles via the diffusion process. It helps relax and erect) the penis and pelvic/low-abdomen/low-back/perineum/testicle/groin tissues. PGE-1 triggers the tissue erection to narrow the hernia hole for men and the vaginal canal for women. But, Excessive PGE-1 causes frequent erection for men and women, and may also result in pelvic congestion (an over-expansion or -erection of the local tissues that compress the local nerves) too. Pelvic congestion should be the main reason for men to  masturbate and women to have an orgasm  release even if the brain's pleasure/reward center (powered by dopamine and testosterone) is not addictive to sexual orgasm. Note that the women's PGE-1 in the pelvic cavity is directly synthesized in the cervix/Epicenter (the female prostate between the bladder and cervix) and the urethral spongy tissues.
Your problem is: you have a lack of semen and the relaxation/elasticity hormone PGE-1 and then you disturb the rigid tissues and nerves with a dildo.
OK. ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) can help rejuvenate your pelvic nerves for your problems.
You must stop ejaculation for at least 1 week for healing, and you should regulate your ejaculation frequency to twice a week thereafter.
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