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Case Title:  He said ' Your system is revolutionary!' after experiencing a Chi-Kong sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/16/2003>Dear Dr. Lin
I Have learned to apply Your chi-kong. When I orgasm, I feel the contractions in my tail bone ascending and pounding the back of my head. My head rolls back and compresses my neck automatically (involuntarily). Then my whole body convulses about 5 or 6 times, then completely vibrates. However, as I put a light inhaling pressure on my bladder, I still get a couple of drops to drip out. I feel I have done it correct because the drops do not ejaculate, (bypass the glandular spasms). Is this just cowpers fluid trapped in the urethra? Thank you for every thing, Your system is revolutionary!

Dr. Lin: 01/16/2003> You did it right.  The traveling of orgasmic waves sent by the tailbone-anal contraction  runs up to the neck and rear brain will automatically cause the head and neck to roll backward and compress the spine. You will become very awake after orgasm or ejaculation. Men and women have the same sexual orgasmic responses in the neck area due to the stimulation of the vagus nerves at the base of the brain and in the neck.

A couple drops of precom is natural when the ballooning , hard penis is constrained by the limited foreskin and then exerts a pressure against the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands. However, it won't cause premature ejaculation in this stage where the penile/urethral nervous transmission is intercepted by the explosive, internal penile blood pressure due to the ballooning effect.  If the penis is continuous to expand and then exert a pressure against the prostate, then you will feel about to come. If you come, you will experience explosive orgasmic waves in the tailbone and anal muscles paced by the prostate contraction.


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