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Case Title:   Solutions and causes of vibrator-induced sexual dysfunction - restoration of sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/09/2003> 

I am a 47 yr old woman, recently re-married with a very active and enjoyable sex life. I have noticed from reading your case studies, that the use of a vibrator can desensitize the clitoris, which I have been experiencing lately. I have only regularly used the vibrator in the past year due to my husband and I having sex practically every night, and not being able to reach orgasm each time, but I seem to have become dependent on it, and can hardly reach orgasm during oral sex anymore. My question is, can I reverse any damage I may have caused, and what products do I take for my age and sexual activity? I also have a concern for my husband who drinks vodka. This does not seem to impair his sexual function, however I have noticed the "beer belly" syndrome and he has a desire to cut down his drinking and to improve his health. What products exactly should he be taking? I am a bit confused with the variety of your products. Please do not publish my name if you respond on your website. I enjoy your site tremendously and have reccommended it to all my friends. Thank you so much for any information you can provide to me.

Dr. Lin: 01/09/2003>Thank you.
Yes, the chronic use of a vibrator is very destructive.
Most of the problem is due to the birth control chemicals or/and medication drugs which cause the liver functional problem associated with the reduction of the free testosterone level in the bloodstream and the syntheses of the androgen hormones and the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine. Testosterone is the orgasmic fuel; dopamine is the orgasmic fires while acetylcholine is the messenger for the nervous sensitivity. Generally, birth control chemicals can cause depression and slow down the thyroid function. So, OB/GYN will add antidepression drugs on the top of the birth control chemicals. As a result, the female patients become fully, chemically castrated!
Once the clitoral and G-spot are chemically desensitized by the birth control chemicals or/and medication drugs, the women then turns to vibrators for help. Then, the trouble becomes deeper and more destructive. I have listed the associated problems in

To heal the vibrator-induced nervous damage and soften the scar tissues, you have to give the clitoris and G-spot a couple week break and take ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) to super-charge the brain/nervous systems.
Formulas for supercharging the sensory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous circuits for sexual orgasm - the electric circuitry theory of sexual orgasm
She said 'Your products amazed me. After not being very orgasmic at all for 35 years, I began to experience wonderful orgasms often and my libido is sky high. I love it.' What is the origin of our products?
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10632.htm 

In case of having sex again, you should ask your partner use his Finger Pliers Pair to massage your clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter at the same time. Start massaging both sides of your vagina, where the L1 and L2 nerves (at the 11 and 1 o'clock position of your vaginal wall) pass through and down to your inner thighs and legs to your inner ankles. Screw your vagina between 10 and 2 o'clock position. After you become very aroused, ask him to concentrate the stimulation in the most itchy (sensitive) spot which usually located in the upper-left side (about the 1 o'clock position in his view) of your vagina. Frequent massage, in conjunction with taking Viapla-hGH-P, will help you develop a lot of orgasmic triggering points inside your vagina, deep or shallow and right or left. I have helped my wife develop multiple triggering points to prevent a chronic stimulation at the same spot , so that she can avoid orgasmic pains or cramps.
The Finger Pliers method made her achieve multiple orgasm and vaginal female ejaculation; she wants it more frequently.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10697.htm 

Generally, ViaPal-hGH-P and help men and women enjoy more sex and orgasm. Here, DopaFibra and MoodMax can help burn more fat. However, 5_HTP (2-001) can help stop crave for foods and alcohol. 5-HTP becomes serotonin in the brain for self control and de-stressing. I think he should take a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP which will correct the brain function for avoiding alcohol and drugs.
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