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Case Title:  over-G-spot stimulation causes the urge to pee, but no sexual orgasm - solution
Reader: 1/05/2003>
wow, what a web site, I will never get out.
Problem is I cant achieve orgasm because I feel the urge to pee and know I would pee if I let go enough to come. So I go to the bathroom, but then, most of the wonderful feelings I felt along with the urge to pee are gone too, nothing feels as good inside anymore. Seems the pressure from the bladder causes heightened sensations, or thats how it feels. I am reading your pages on this, but none quite apply to my situation.
thank you, m r
now I am wondering where to go to read an answer??

Dr. Lin: 01/05/2003>This is over-stimulation of urethral nerves. Chronic over-stimulation of the nerves can lead to urinary incontinence during sex. You have to let your brain's dopamine nervous fire to burn testosterone for orgasm. If you don't have enough dopamine or testosterone to burn, you can not achieve orgasm. You need ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) to help you out.

I have found a lot of cases like yours in the following links:
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==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8830.htm   

Reader: 1/05/2003>
hi again. another weird problem. After I pee, or masterbate, the whole area around and inside my vagina feels odd - like it will all fall out, or is hanging down inside, very odd sensation, hard to describe, VERY uncomfortable. And it sort of tingles, but not in a good way, a most annoying way.These feeling last quite a while. I just peed and mastturbated, was about 20 minutes ago (been reading your site and got all stimulated!!), I still have the odd sensation, even from sitting down all the time. I have just noticed it the last few months or so. Its not like the feeling of menstural cramps, tho sort of like that, but not at all that kind of painful, the heavy falling out feeling isnt quite that bad. The outside area feels funny also, no pain, just sort of a tingly bloated feeling. I really dont like it at all.
I had a C-section 16 yrs ago, didnt seem to mess up the flow of things, I can orgasm by myself, but not with boy friend. I did have an ovary taken out 2 1/2 yrs ago, same cut as C-section.
sure do enjoy your site, it is full of things to try, and we will let you know!
thank you, m

Dr. Lin: 1/05/2003>
It is likely you have abraded your vaginal tissues when you worked very hard in an attempt to have an orgasm. This is not good for your vagina, urethra and clitoris.
C-section generally cut the sympathetic nerves of T10 - T12 and L1 -L2 in the uterus and reduces the scale of the uterine orgasmic contraction. When your testosterone drops, the uterine orgasmic contraction scale will diminish down to zero.
This is very common for women at your (our) age - around the menopause. Most women can sense the change of sexual orgasm around this age when the uterus prolapsed or tilting is very common. Your uterus can move up and down daily or hourly in response to your testosterone change. I usually fathom my wife's cervix first and decide she should have a deep (simultaneous Epicenter/G-spot/Clitoral) or shallow (simultaneous G-spot/Clitoral) stimulation for orgasm. The cervix/uterus position is very critical for middle-aged women's orgasm without orgasmic pains or cramps.
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