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Case Title:  On sexual orgasm with a defective glans clitoris due to chemical or mechanical castration.
Reader: 12/28/2002>

Hi DR.Lin,

i've been reading your articles and im really amazed by them, i tried some of them and they amazingly WORKED WELL !!

my problem may sound kinda strange, im from a culture where every girl should remove part (not all) of the Clitoris,its a tradition and it happens when the girl is young!!
so my prblem is i dont have a full clitoris! im in a serious relationship for the first time in my life,my boyfreind (he's from a different country)said a comment about my small clitoris! and that its hard to make me reach orgasm because of it! im really depressed because of it, my boyfriend is so loving and understanding, he didnt mention that topic again. but for me..its still an issue! please, DR,Lin...help me to find another way to reach orgasm! many Thanks in advance!!

Dr. Lin: 12/28/2002>

Generally, as long as clitoral Circumcision damages the nervous endings of the glans clitoris, the Circumcised women may experience reduction of clitoral sensitivity, or clitoral numbness if the clitoral hood is over-trimmed into the glans The clitoral hood is estrogen-sensitive while the clitoral glans and shaft are testosterone- and DHT-sensitive, just like the male penis.
Some women with a high estrogen level or under the influence of the birth control chemicals or medication/street drugs, their clitoris glans may shrink.
This is what I called "Chemical Castration" which is reversible with taking Viapal-HGH-P or -J.
If your clitoral glans was partially removed, your clitoral nerves had been cut and you would have experienced the clitoral numbness all the time. This is the "Mechanical Castration!" In this regard, your orgasm depends on your G-spot and Epicenter/cervical nerves only and hopefully the cut clitoral nerves won't interfere with your G-spot and Epicenter/cervical  nervous orgasm responses to the directly vaginal stimulation.
You have to make sure that your G-spot is fully erected so that you can have a orgasm.
The vaginal orgasm without a help of the clitoral nerves (from the sympathetic T12/ L1 and the parasympathetic S2-S4) will be a little weaker, since the clitoral root/nervous switch (from S2-S4 to T12-L1)  serves as a gate for the sexual orgasm energy to run up to the Heart, Lungs and Front Brains along the central line of the front body (please see http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg and  http://actionlove.com/image/wavepath.jpg  ) Turning on (shorting) this switch from the parasympathetic to sympathetic charging circuits will accelerate the vaginal/uterine orgasmic contraction after the clitoris is fully erecting.
Without the clitoral nervous switch to open the energy gate, you have to rely on the G-spot/Epicenter orgasmic energy front or power surge to break through the gate. That means, you need a huge erection of the G-spot and the tenting effect of the uterus and cervix. Since the Epicenter is the degenerated female prostate, your orgasm will be like the male orgasm by a direct prostate stimulation while the glans penis has been damaged.
Since you are young, you can take ViaPal-hGH-J to erect your G-spot, to tent up your uterus/cervix and to store a huge sexual energy (bioelectric potential) in the Epicenter/cervical and G-spot nervous subsystems. for orgasm.
Sometimes, I have my wife achieve orgasm this way by a concentrated stimulation on the Epicenter by my penis without stimulating her clitoris at all.
Yes, you can get the Epicenter orgasm too. This means you need a deep vaginal stimulation in the Epicenter/Cervix/bladder pocket.
Here is the information you need -
Stimulation of the Epicenter, double-body motions, and 3-point Excitation Love Position for intensive, sexual orgasm
He said ' I was able to make her reach by way of her epicenter, never before had she reached in that depth either.' a Level -7, Deep sexual orgasm with Dr. Lin's love lesson.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10271.htm 
She said 'I'll wear the paint off, *chuckle*..' with the Epicenter stimulation by the Pressures Massage pointer for violent sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9658.htm  

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