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News updated:

Case Title:  The Finger Pliers method made her achieve multiple orgasm and vaginal female ejaculation; she wants it more frequently.
Reader: 12/24/2002>
I (hetero fem) have recently experienced copious amounts of clear, hot liquid that is not urine. These two events occurred - one while my awesome partner stimulated me in different manners and after extended foreplay and semi-aggressive BDSM (i.e., stinging slaps to inner thighs, spanking, oral sex, and your finger plier method)and the second time during masterful hand manipulation of my vagina and breasts.

Both times, estimated between us, I emitted several ounces of this "nectar." Since that time, during the best sex, I am convinced that I produce even more natural vaginal lubricant almost each time. My partner helped me find a very intensely orgasmic location deep frontal left at around the same time. This may or may not be my "G-spot," but I think this may be a trigger spot... I am naturally multi-orgasmic, but these sensations of "squirting" are so very pleasurable to he and me.

I wonder very much if you have advice for how to achieve it more frequently... Even by myself!!! ?

As always I appreciate your input as my co-writer of this is the above named pleasurer, and he has been a five-year customer and advice seeker of yours. 

Please give me most excellent recommendations to achieve the "Tao of Love" and help me "squirt" like this on a healthy and more frequent basis.

P.S. The incredible male sexual recipient of my vaginal generosity and benevolence is normal build and average penile size but utilizes things he has learned from life and your incredible site. THANK YOU! You rock Dr. Lin!

It's Christmas now and so I don't have lots of money to spend, even knowing that your supplements, vitamins, and foods/herbal mixtures are the best and always fresh and strong.....please give life habit ideas and living tips in order to keep at my peak sexual levels in addition to your usual acumen-based advice.

Thanks as always doc, and Happy Holidays!

Dr. Lin: 12/24/2002>

Yes! You had experienced vaginal female ejaculation as I stated in
What you got stimulated is the left-sided Epicenter spot as described in this link -
ViaPal-hGH-M helps her solve post-orgasm pains, but how to avoid the chronic over-stimulation of the left-sided vaginal triggering spot/strip in the Epicenter for sexual orgasm without low-abdomen pains or cramps; a proper stimulation of the L1 and L2 Sympathetic nervous outflow for sexual orgasm.
The finger pliers stimulation on the clitoris and Epicenter will squeeze the fluid in your urethral (Skene's) glands/porosities( the female seminal vesicles) to spray crystal clear, non-lubrication, fluids out of the vaginal porosities onto your partner's face.
If you ejaculate during a vaginal sex with a penis, the ejaculation can flush the vaginal lubricant or cervical mucus out of your vagina onto his pubic hair or simply drip onto your anus and bedsheet, depending on the lovemaking position.
On developing the multiple-orgasms and female ejaculation capacity, please read -
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