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Case Title:  Solutions and causes for pains in the perineum, anus, tailbone, groins, prostate, low back or whatever in the pelvic floor
Reader: 12/18/2002>
Dear Dr Lin,
I have been suffering from mostly perineal pain for more than 2 years already. My pain is mainly in the areas of the perineum, sometimes rectal/anal and even buttocks and rarely low back. The pain is of the tingling or burning type , changes in intensity but is present every day and has lowered my quality of life significantly. Pain can become worse upon walking or sitting, even just lying in bed. I have been tested many times for any uro-genital infections and all tests have showed normal results. I have also considered many other theories about the root cause of my problem like: 
--prostate problem (almost ruled out since no urologist found anything wrong with it)
--some kind of pudendal nerve entrapment since my pain follows mainly the pudendal nerve areas: perineum, back of scrotum, rectal region, buttocks. Havent been able to decide on the validity of this diagnosis since this is hard to diagnose and even if this is it then...what do i do about it?
--low back disk or nerve entrapment problem ..although an MRI did not show a significant abnormality
--some kind of muscle spasm in the perineum/anal/pelvic region...although highly doubt it...since pain can get worse both on sitting and walking too. I have tried hot baths , etc..manu times without any significant long term benefits

My questions to you are: 
1)what could possibly be the cause of such perineal/anal/sometimes buttock pain ? and what can be done to possibly cure the condition or at least alleviate it a little.
2) If the culprit is the prostate (although tests for infection came back normal) then what can be done about it? Hot baths and massages to relieve the pain long term have not helped much.
3) If the culprit is some kind of pudendal nerve damage or nerve compression then what can help cure it?
4) If none of the above ..what else could be causing such pains??

Thank you so much for your attention and help.
Dr. Lin: 12/18/2002>We have tons of cases like yours in
Please take time to read them one by one. I am tired of replaying my tape recorder.
Over-ejaculation or Over-masturbation (starting too young!) are the main cause of your problems.
please read
Your tissues and nerves in the pelvic cavity (the 3rd brain) are lack of the relaxation and elasticity hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1), and your prostate ejaculate duct and its nerves have been abraded (corroded) by the highly-alkaline seminal jets due to a chronic excessive ejaculation frequency.
Your prostate nerves' electric insulators may be broken or corroded and the nervous circuits are grounded.
When the nerves and tissues down there are lack of PGE-1, they becomes rigid and frigid like a inelastic rubber band and can not stand stress or strain due to compression, bending, expanding or stretching. This is how you get pain.
Viapal-hGH-M can help you out in this regard.
To produce PGE-1, it requires a good blood circulation in the perineum to supply the hormones, oxygen and neurochemicals for the local tissues and nerves and to remove the metabolic waste. Excessive stress hormone due to excessive ejaculation can constrict the local capillaries and arteries to cause the blood congestion in the perineum area. A long-term sitting, biking riding, horse-riding or mechanical damage such as falling on or striking the perineum can cause severe blood congestion and nervous blockage or damage. In this regard, you need Vacuum-Cupping Massage to help you remove the blood congestion that traps metabolic waste and limit PGE-1 production. No blood circulation no PGE-1 production.
Well, our solutions are too cheap for the complicated problems like yours.

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