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Case Title:  She said 'I was able to experience my first 3 orgasms ever, other than the wet dreams I have been having for years. ' with a tilted uterus. How to avoid cramps or pains due to excessive sexual orgasm for women with a titled uterus.
Reader: 12/17/2002>
Hello Dr. Lin,
I haven't emailed in a few months. I have been taking the recommended Via Growth 4. You had suggested it for tilted uterus and inablility to have an orgasm any time other than a wet dream. I have been noticing an improvement in sensation, although still not completely over the post orgasmic cramping after the wet dreams, but somewhat improved. 
I was able to experience my first 3 orgasms ever, other than the wet dreams I have been having for years. It was just recently in a bath/jacuzzi with the water jets. I am concerned that you might not approve as you have mentioned that they can do damage. For me, this was a miracle however, and I don't want to miss out! It was very interesting in that it didn't feel like the same type of orgasm as the wet dreams which tend to feel more epicenter involvement. The water jets were so intense on my clitoris, that I just fell right into an unexpected orgasm right when I was ready to give up. So I repeated it for the next two nights with the same results. The third time I experienced no post orgasmic cramping, and I must add that the cramping after the first two was only marginal. 
I have never felt any confidence that I could produce an orgasm and this is really a breakthrough. I need your advice however.
Thank you

Dr. Lin: 12/18/2002>The titled uterus tends to produce pains or cramps in the arousal state that suppress orgasm, particularly when you have excessive orgasm which causes excessive stress and deficiency of prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) in the uterus and uterine-support ligaments. This means a subsequent orgasm in 3 nights (for middle and senior women) took tolls from your uterus and uterine-support ligament. That is, if you drain out your hGH/DHEA/andronstenedione and the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and serotonin in the third brain - the pelvic cavity, you will experience pains or cramps again even in the arousal or pre-orgasm state. 
In this regard for excessive orgasm, Vipal-hGH-M become very helpful in accelerating orgasm and suppressing cramps and pains for women with titled uterus. Theoretically, the most effective formula for orgasm is ViaPal-hGH-P. To suppress the excessive stress hormone (adrenalin) release that causes the post-oragsm cramps and pains, I recommend a low dose of the combination of Viapal-hGH-P and 5-HTP. The role of 5-HTP is very tricky. It is converted to serotonin/melatonin in pineal glands for a deep sleep that stimulates the pituitary's hGH production. The 5-HTP => serotonin conversion actually happens every where to modulate the sympathetic nervous functions, particularly in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd brains. Serotonin helps reduce/block the dopamine-adrenalin (stress hormone) conversion in the read brain (in the 1st brain) and adrenal medulla (in the 2nd brain), but extensively affect the 3rd brain (pelvic nervous systems) via the bloodstream. This means there will be a significant reduction of the stress hormone (adrenalin) induced by sexual arousal and orgasm. Excessive adrenalin tenses up nervous fibers and endings for pains and cramps and blocks the PGE-1 synthesis in the local tissues.

The sexual stimulation for titled uterine women should be focused in the first 1-2 inches of the urethral nerves, that is the simultaneous stimulation on the G-spot and Clitoris. Deep vaginal stimulation near the Epicenter will violently disturb the uterus, resulting in pains, cramps, or spotting. That is not funny!
Note that your wet dream is due to the compression of the Epicenter (the female prostate) by your titled uterus during sleeping.
For more information, please read - 
She said ' I have spoken to him about my success with having orgasms with your products.' and introduced Viapal-hGH-P to help his middle-aged boyfriend's erectile problem
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10672.htm 
She said 'I took one dose of pills last night, and one dose this morning. I already feel different. It is like my nervous system feels different.' with ViaPal-hGH-M for the Pelvic and Clitoral Pain.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10660.htm 
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He said 'My wife started taking ViaPal-hGH-M and just in a few days her pain in her knee has stoped during sex and orgasm.'; also stopped her hot flashes without taking extra soy products; on re-activation of a near-dead thyroid function for better sexual orgasm.
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She said ' So far your products are a HOME RUN!!' for more sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10004.htm 
After 2 months with ViaPal-hGH-M, he said 'I think the overactive bladder has been cured, ..'; Solution for the deficiency of the Lung Chi

Reader: 12/18/2002>
Thank you Dr. Lin for your response.
I have noticed a difference in the cramping after taking the herbs you suggested.
I want to know, however, your response in regards to the hot tub jets and why they were so important to enabling me to experience my first orgasm other than in a wet dream.
Dr. Lin: 12/18/2002>
Generally,  if you exhaust the contractile fibers in your pelvic cavity, you will experience orgasm cramps.
ViaGrowth-IV supplies the neurochemicals and hormones to help rejuvenate the clitoral and G-spot nervous functions and improve the strength of the contractile fibers to stand the orgasmic contractions,  but excessive sexual stress will still cause a weaker cramp unless you smooth it out with 5-HTP/serotonin.  
When your clitoral nerves are re-sensitized by ViaGrowth-IV, the high-pressure and intensively high-speed stimulation makes you come.  The high-pressure, high-speed stimulation causes a temporary superimposition of  clitoral stimulation signals in the synapses of the S2-S4 and T11-L1 nervous circuits to force the brain to trigger orgasm for burning out the sexual energy via the T11-L1 sympathetic nerves.  The parasympathetic nerves (S2-S4) can only store energy (causing erection)  for the sympathetic nerves to burn (causing orgasm). The intensive stimulation is essential to orgasm when your brain's dopamine and testosterone levels are not high enough.. 
You can use the a hot tube jet once every 2 or 3 days. You will gradually realize the nervous stimulation will cause a discharge of  bioelectricity and a "burning" of the acetylcholine and its precursors and the hormone DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone in the neuro-muscular endings.  Thus, the nervous endings go numbed after a heavy stimulation. It will take some times for the blood flow to refill the nervous endings for a bioelectric  recharge.
The older you are, the longer the refraction time you need.
When you go beyond the limitation of your blood circulation and nervous function, you will run into trouble.
Powerful water jets can damage penile and clitoral tissues and nerves - for Sexual orgasm?
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9609.htm  
Death of the G-spot due to Vibrator, Shower Head, Birth Control Castration, and Child Masturbation (vaginal Molest) for no sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10210.htm  

Reader: 12/18/2002>
Thank you again for your response. We women are very lucky to have you.
I have another question. Is the clitoral stimulated orgasm different from the epicenter stimulated orgasm? If so, which is better. 
Dr. Lin:12/19/2002>
Yes! very different
My wife is a lucky woman who can experience 3 types and 7 levels of orgasm and vaginal ejaculation by my varying stimulation on her clitoral, G-spot or/and Epicenter, as described
We have started our orgasm study since we committed to each other in 1974.
Although we experienced childbearing, natural menopauss, uterine tilting or/and prolapsing, we have adjusted ourselves to retain the consistent sexual health and enjoyment.
The clitoral orgasm causes the shallow contraction of the outer vagina, from the clitoral shaft to about 2-3 inches deep vaginal muscles and the labia minors and majors, while the Epicenter orgasm is very deep, mainly around the cervix and uterus, and its affect areas extended to the entire body as shown in
or described in the main text of this article -
Our readers' experiences on the full body orgasm or "Little Death" are given in
We use my 3-Point Lovemaking position to trigger the fully body orgasm, where my wife's uterus actually sits on my glans penis and her bladder and cervix grip my glans penis for the mutual stimulation, and my penile shaft works as her joy stick moving her uterus/cervix/bladder back and forth during her swinging over my pubis as shown in -
When women get older, her vagina becomes shallower due to the gravitational dropping of the uterus, this will allow the whole uterus to load on the glans penis for stimulation. The orgasm is extremely powerful, but sometimes causes spotting or postal-orgasm pain for women with a prolapsed or titled uterus. Although there is nothing dangerous, the post-orgasm pains or cramps can interfere with sleeping. So, I have fathom the depth of her cervix and decide how much orgasm she can take in order to avoid the pains or cramps. I can simply stimulate her orgasm by stimulating her clitoris and G-spot, the first 2-3 inches of the urethral nerves to give her a Level-4 Orgasm when her cervix and uterus is too low. This give her a lot of pleasure without potential post-orgasm cramps or pains
The position of the uterus and cervix change from time to time, depending on the testosterone level, the Prostaglandin E-1 level in the support ligaments and muscles, and sexual arousal.
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