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Case Title:  Her crotch / perineum damage due to the falling on a bike bar caused her early menstrual cycles and has resulted in sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm - solution!
Reader: 12/05/2002>
My girlfriend can't have an orgasm. She says she has never had one. I give her oral sex and she says this brings her as close as she can get, but no dice. She said she had a biking accident when she was young where she slipped off the seat and hit the bar of the bike on her crotch. She said it was serious enough to bring about very early menstrual cycles. She also said she went to a doctor a year ago and asked if he thought the accident had anything to do with her innability to orgasm and he said he didn't see anything abnormal about her vagina. Any ideas what we can do? We're both getting frustrated.

Dr. Lin: 12/06/2002>
Not a big deal, but it is just a blood congestion and nervous damage which could change her menstrual cycling.
The damage may extend from her clitoris to her tailbone where the parasympathetic nerves of S1-S5 and Co branch out to control the hemodilation and organ functions (in the bladder, urethra, clitoris, vagina, uterus, anus and rectum).
The severe damage blocks the nervous action for the hemodilation and erection of her clitoral and G-spot. In the first few days of the incident, her crotch and perineum areas got bruised. After a few days, the bruised skin returned to the roginal color, but the blood congestion and nervous damage have become hidden. No modern high-tech medical engineering machines, such as MRI or UltraSonic scanners, can detect it, but if you apply a high-pressure or vacuum-cupping massage to the damaged area and its adjacent tissues such as groins and both sides of her clitoris, vagina and anus/tailbone, a lot of black or bruised (blue or dark red) spots will show up as described in the pictures of this link -
There is no way to decongest the damaged spot unless you apply a high-pressure massage 10-20 times or a vacuum-cupping massage 3-6 times. To repair the damage nerves, she needs a lot of of ViaPal-hGH-P to create a hemodilation of the local tissues to feed/rejuvenate the damaged nerves with a lot of hGH/DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone/estrogen, acetylcholine precursors, oxygen, and B-6/B-12/Folic acid.
This is a heavy duty task.

The following articles can help her understand her problem -
Perineum damage causes her perineum blood congestion and kills her clitoral and vaginal nervous functions for no sexual orgasm - solutions.
Bare Horse Riding causes the vaginal soreness and tenderness and the desensitization and scar formation of the clitoris and labia for no sexual orgasm
Perineum impact damage; causes of clitoral desensitization for no sexual orgasm
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