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Case Title:  Over-masturbation and/or Over-ejaculation causes his psychological and emotional disorder.  ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP can help him rejuvenate his 1st, 2nd and 3rd brain for health, erection, better relationship, and sexual orgasm..
Reader: 11/17/2002>
I've had problems with sex all my life. To set the scene, I was always insecure as a child; worried, stressed and I suppose fairly paranoid. Through ages 14 to 16 I masturbated daily. Around that time my mental health deteriorated, ending in a breakdown at 16. I began to notice that when I masturbated the mental problems got worse and it donned on me that this contributed to the cause of my mental anguish. As years went by, having girlfriends in my twenties, the same problem would always arise. Post sex I would go into dark depression, have no emotions for life and certainly not for my partner...the symptoms would alleviate over time (months), without ejaculation. I'm now in my mid thirties. I can now have sex more and I enjoy it, but the problem hasn't alleviated. Post orgasm I feel the rush of emotions (endorphin release), for my partner (and women in general), but after about two days, my emotions/feelings die as if a button has been switched off and I'm left a drift again. This problem has been the direct cause of all my relationships failing. My girlfriend of 6 years, a person of incredible understanding, love and tolerance, can't take any more and has recently left me, and I'm truly devastated. Over the last year I've researched a lot into mental health, sex, the endocrine system, looked into cortisol and DHEA, adrenals and stress, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc, to try to find a cure for my problem. I do feel that I have a colossal imbalance but I can't pinpoint it. I do think that I'm incredibly oestrogen dominated. I've had midsection, hip and buttock cellulite, and enlarged fatty breast tissue for most of my years. Normally I feel timid and have done all of my life. I don’t feel ‘manly’, as if I haven’t crossed that boy to man awareness of life, decisions, love and sex, and I have drifted through life without direction. As far as erections are concerned, I get them very fast at the remotest intimate contact with a woman, which has been a regular source of embarrassment. To compound this however, I have a non-existent libido...I look at women but it is as if I don't have a sex drive as I rarely relate to them as objects of desire. I thought I might be gay and got incredibly stressed about this, but I know this is not the case; I feel something is just not firing inside me due to my mysterious problem…its like I’m still a pre-pubescent boy who occasionally is stimulated by the opposite sex but then the feelings are too fleeting to have a strong effect on his life yet. I do suffer from premature ejaculation, and always seem to have done so. I stopped masturbating in my late teens, but I still have wet dreams, about once every month. In the morning I feel uneasy after, but rarely have the confusion and upset I get post sex. 
I know this is a nightmare to diagnose, but if you could help in anyway, it would mean a lot to my life.

Dr. Lin: 11/17/2002>  
You have your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous systems burned out. I have described the psychological disorder due to excessive masturbation and orgasm in -
The variation of the brain's neurotransmitters in response to ejaculation and sexual orgasm - on the Penile Ballooning Method for penile enlargement and the destruction by over-masturbation and over-ejaculation .
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9875.htm 
Destruction produced by Male or Female Over-Masturbation for no sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9848.htm  
A low dose of Viapal-hGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001) can help you rejuvenate your brains (the first brain above your neck, the 2nd brain (the vagus nerves) between your neck and your pevilc cavity, and the 3rd brain (S1-S5 and Co nerves) in your pelvic cavity for psychological and emotional stability, love, libido, orgasm, erection and of course Health.
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