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Case Title:  Side effects of anti-depression drugs on sexual and orgasmic functions and seminal production for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/15/2002>
Dr Lin,

My sex life has been great between my wife and I for 11 years now. We both love regular and oral sex. Recently, I was diagnosed with Anxiety, and my doctor put me on Pax?il. The p?xil works wonders for me....no chest pains, and I no longer have a hard time breathing. It has, however, affected our sex life. I used to be the one that was always in the mood and the one who "initiated" sex. That is not the case any more....my wife almost always initiates it now, and there are times that I even turn her down because I just am not in the mood. That is definitely not normal for us...and I don't want it to ruin our sexual relationship. Also, When we do have sex, it takes me forever to ejaculate...that is not always a bad thing....but sometimes it is frustrating.....I find myself concentrating so hard on trying to cum....that there is not alot of romance. It's not always this way...sometimes I am in the mood just as much as her....but there is definitely a difference in our sex life since I have been on Pax?l. With all that said, I have a couple questions for you:

1. In regards to the Pax?l...it says "may have sexual side effects"...and it definitely has on me....what causes this "loss of sensation" in my penis, and is there anything I can do other than not take Pax?l anymore?

2. What about taking forever to cum? I wouldn't really mind it, if I was enjoying it...but again, it seems like all I can think about is "trying to ejaculate"...and I don't think my wife is getting much out of it either.

3. Final question (not related to Pax?l). I love oral sex. Could perform oral on my wife for 2-3 hours...and love every minute of it. My wife loves receiving oral sex...as a matter of fact, she has had many of her best orgasms and many multiple orgasms from oral sex. The problem is, my wife doesn't like "giving" oral sex as much as I. She does it...and does it quite often, but sometimes I think she is simply doing it to please me. Do you have any info on your web page (awesome web page by the way...I just haven't stumbled across the oral sex section yet) in regards to females giving oral sex.....and some pointers on how to help females enjoy giving oral sex.

Thanks in advance.

Dr. Lin: 11/15/2002> 1. The substitution for the anti-depressant drug is a low dose of Viapal-HGH-M. You can take ViaPal-hGH-M with the SSRIs drug and then slowly withdraw the drug in 3-4 weeks.
What you have experienced with the SSRIs drug is just a beginning. Generally, if sex causes your problems, shutting down your sexual function with drugs will solve your problems. I have discussed this type of solutions for body pain in
The SSRIs blocks the serotonin re-uptaking, resulting in excssive serotonin in the inter-neuron synpases (inter-connectors of nervous fibers) to partially block the acetylcholine release. That is, the flooding of serotonin in the inter-connectors partially intercepts the sensory, parasympathetic or/and sympathetic nervous transimission. It causes numbess, erectile nd orgasmic dysfunction for men and women. 
2. The SSRIs antideppressant reduce your seminal production too. You have no much semen in the seminal vesicles for you to ejaculate during sex.
Even if you ejaculate, your ejaculation is very watery and thin.
You will not enjoy sexual pleasure without the prostate's seminal production.
In a few months, we may start to experience retarded ejaculation and impotency..
3. Basically, our websites are to deal with the sexual or orgasmic dysfunctions. The most difficulty for women to achieve is the vaginal orgasm, not the clitoral one. Most of women can have the clitoral orgasm if they are not on medication drugs or birth birth or/and damaged by the vibrators. Besides, porn movies teach a lot of oral sex. There is no need for us to implement it here.
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