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Case Title: Destructive masturbation during puberty causes teenager's impotence for no more sexual orgasm. 
Reader: 11/14/2002>
Im 18 years old and for the last month I have noticed that my penis does not stay erect anymore when i'm about to make love with my girlfriend. In the moment, when we are getting to it, oral, I am hard and stay hard and she can tell right away that I am ready. But, here's the problem, at that moment, when I know that we are going all the way, I notice that I start loosing my erection and end up getting embarassed to stay and talk. Luckily we've been together for a while and she is understanding to try and see what's wrong with me. I don't understand the problem because we have already made love many times and up until now I started loosing my erections. It might be that I used to masturbate rougly around 4-5 times daily when I was 13 through 15. But I stopped around 16 when I met my girl and when we first were going to make love I froze and didn't get erect. But the second time and after was sensational, I must admit. I don't smoke or drink. But, I occasio!
nally masturbate around 3 times a week. I don't understand how I can get a hard erection when thinking about her, but I can't get an erection when I am with her . Ever since last month when the problem first occured, I've had a fear that It might still happen. And it has! I wish to pleasure her, but, now I dont know why I can't. Let me know the info Doc. Thanks!

Dr. Lin: 11/15/2002>we call your problem "Youth Impotence", resulting from your destructive masturbation practice during puberty.
The premature over-masturbation is the most destructive sexual practice which results in psychological disorder, weak erection and premature ejaculation to haunt for a long, long time.
This is due to the destruction of the brain's acetylcholine and serotonin nervous functions, the abrasion of the prostate duct and urethra, and the penile arteries hemodilation mechanism.  It has brought your 18-year old body and brain into a 50-60 year old ones. It let you feel that way.
Here is the check lists you may start to experience sooner or later,
Your erection would not reach Stage 1 as described in
Your Autonomatic Nervous System has been always dominated by the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" where "Fight" means "Premature Ejaculation" and "Flight" mean "Erection Withdraw" during sex. That is , you have only these two choices in lovemaking.
Generally, Weak erection will force you to contract your PC/prostate muscles for assitance erection. Once you do that, your Pre-cum flood to trigger your prostate's ejaculation control valve for seminal emission..
You need LastLonger (3-005) and 5-HTP (2-001) to rejuvenate/stable your nervous functions and repair your prostate,

More information is given in
I have collected a lot of cases about Youth Impotence in this link
We will add your case to the list too.
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