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Case Title: Venous leakage, mechanics of inflating a tubeless tire, self-healing, porn movies and sexual orgasm
Reader: 11/12/2002>
hello dr lin i was wondering if a person who is currently suffering from venous leakage or a short span of erection can correct the problem if he stops masturbating for a few months? will this recharge the sexual battery and give a long hard erection? does the body heal itself in this way! will things ever return to normal? thanx! i am also curious as to why porn stars can have so much sex in their lives but still hold erection even if it is not 1 o clock. They must have sex every other day and never masturbate. my brother has bought your products and found them excellent! thanx again!

Dr. Lin: 11/12/2002> Probably. Too much sex over-discharges the resting potential (DC voltage) of the parasympathetic nervous system and over-burn serotonin in the brain and nervous systems, resulting in an excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion to keep the sympathetic nerves on fire all the time. This can destroy the arterial hemodilation mechanism responsible for rushing the blood flow into the penis to seal (corrupt) the penile veins. The failure of corrupting or sealing the penile veins during erection  is called Venous Leakage.
If you can turn the Autonomatic Nervous System (ANS) back to the Parasympathetic Mode and reduce the dopamine-adrenalin conversion by elevating your serotonin level in the brain and nervous systems, you can recharge your sexual battery without dietary supplements. You can try Tai-Chi Chi-Kong breathing. If your serotonin is far too low, you may not have a chance. The old Chinese Taoists classified Chi without having a sense of the psychological chemistry, serotonin. This is why they created a religion at the same name as Tao. Accordingly, if you encounter the psychological disorder, go to the Tao Temples to pray Gods for help. Due to the psychological fear, Chinese have (created) more than thousand Gods that make we human beings too busy. Perhaps, all we need is a Serotonin God to take care of the brain or psychological instability. If you can let the Serotonin God to switch your ANS to the parasympathetic mode, you will get your problems recovered.
What is the arterial hemodilation mechanism like?
Next time, when you want new tires for your car, watch how the automechanic inflates the tubeless tires. Or you can ask a automechanic how a tubeless tire is inflated. Not kidding, the penile venous leakage is a mechanical engineering problem, is it?  One of my car tires has a slightly "Venous" leakage. I have to pump air into it monthly. 

Porn stars rely on hand and oral sex to get hard. They can only last for about 5-15 minutes in vaginal sex. They have to use a lot of dietary supplements and erectile drugs to keep the penis up and to shoot the load out. Porn Industries have gotten the most benefits from the sexual dietary supplements or erectile drugs. They can not embarrass themselves in the movies, would you? Particularly, have you seen any porn stars ejaculate more than one time in a lovemaking session? Most of young men can ejaculate 2-3 times in a love session at least once a while if not every times. When I was at your age, I did it every often and I was a victim of over-ejaculation (excessive orgasm with my wife, not that bad!). But, I have never required hand or oral jobs to get hard, even today in my 50. I get it up spontaneously when I am at rest or in sleeping or when I want to have sex. You should believe the power of my formulas. I get a 10-20 minute spontaneous erection in each 90 minute sleeping cycle in my 6 hour sleeping time every night.
By the way, I have never seen a porn star make a porn actress achieve orgasm. The Porn actresses should take my pro-dopamine formula ViaPal-hGH-P for orgasm since they have been chemically castrated by birth control pills, implant or injection.  They may not feel a softly erecting penis inside their vaginas since the birth control chemicals have killed their clitoral and G-spot hemodilation erectile mechanism.   
I have seen only one porn movie called "Sex Tours of Bangkok" showing a true (natural) sexual response of a prostitute to a porn star's thrusting. Her face response and discretely abrupt moaning shows she gets her Epicenter stimulated about 5 times, but not orgasm yet.
If you want to know if a woman achieve orgasm, please read
The simple way to verify orgasm is the female body response to the 0.8 second uterine contraction.
Her moaning, crying, heavy breathing, body shaking and facial distortion in response to orgasm will have a 0.8 second beating period, as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/orgwaves.jpg 
That is, her entire body and brain/nervous functions will be controlled by the 0.8-second uterine contraction orgasmic wave which strike the heart and lungs and the fore-brain conscious control center (cerebral cortex) as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/wavepath.jpg and http://www.actionlove.com/image/path.jpg . At the moment, the brain's cerebral cortex loses its control to the orgasm wave. When the orgasm wave reaches the heart from the uterus/cervix/vagina, the heart pumps out a sequence of hydraulic (blood) shock waves in the arteries at a period of 0.8 second to strike the lungs and and the entire body (including the brain). It produces heaving breathing, discrete moaning or crying and facial distortion, and body shaking at a period of 0.8 second to synchronize the orgasm wave generated by the uterine/cervical/vaginal contraction.   Have you seen any porn actress have a heavy breathing at a rate of 0.8 second during sex yet?  If they take ViaPal-hGH-P daily and are stimulated by my Finger Pliers Method, you may see a orgasmic responses in the movies. The porn stars' penises in the movies are too soft to make women achieve orgasm as described in http://www.actionlove.com/image/penclass.jpg . This is why there are about 2/3 of the times in the movies (or each sexual encounter) showing the oral sex or mutual masturbation.
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