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Case Title: He said 'Thank you so much for something that is beyond description and that I never thought was ever possible in this physically limited body of ours.' with our products for explosively sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/10/2002>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I just wanted you to know that my wife and I are now both reaching the most incredible orgasms ever!! It is as if we had the national grid electricity cable inserted into our root shakra, up through our spinal column and out through our mouths, the energy is life changing. We both have to shout at the top of our voices to let the energy flow through, otherwise we may explode (no kidding).
We can only manage one in any given day, as we feel so overwhelmed post climax and very satisfied indeed.
Thank you so much for something that is beyond description and that I never thought was ever possible in this physically limited body of ours. Truly a spiritual experience as well as a sexual one. 
Dr. Lin: 11/11/2002> Congratulation! You have achieved what we have experienced for a long time, as described in the CD-ROM and its video clips.
That kind of orgasm (a supper Level-7 Full-Body orgasm) produces a psychological binding of two bodies and souls - the oneness as described in
Our products keep the brain and nervous functions remaining the same course of sexual pleasures, and produce anti-ageing via the rejuvenation of the brain and nervous functions, particularly associated with the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous systems.
Taking the products is like performing a brainwashing every day.
Continuing the brainwashing results in a purified and younger brain, like teenagers'.
Including synchronous breathing into lovemaking with the younger brains, you will start to experience sexual energy exchange and circulation between two physical bodies during orgasms. After orgasm, we will feel our two bodies want to be tightened together for a long time unless the electric power surge completely dies down, as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/hug.jpg 
When orgasmic energy arises from the pelvic cavity, each body experiences a powerful heat flow as described in
The female energy path is detailed in
which causes "Little Death."
The male energy runs up along the spine and the main back-body energy channel, the Governing Vessel , to the rear brain and then the front brain's pleasure center. In the rear brain, it promotes the dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine (the stress neurohormone adrenalin) conversion. When the serotonin nervous function is too weak to modulate the dopamine-adrenalin conversion, the excessive stress hormone will causes orgasmic headache or pain in the neck or shoulders and their blades. For this reason, our products are formulated with 5-HTP that helps stabilize the brains (including the pelvic and gut nervous systems). Our products perform the supercharge of the brain and nervous circuits for a powerful orgasm with any side effects. They also improve your IQ and EQ, and actually you get more PQ (penile qoutient) and CQ/GQ (clitoral/G-spot Qoutients) out. They open your psychic energy channels for a powerful orgasm. A combination of ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP is to lighten up the brain's acetylcholine, dopmaine and serotonin nervous actions with the fuels DHEA/ androstenedione/testosterone. They enmulate the Esctacy effects on sexual responses and orgasm, but they improve memory, IQ, EQ and body-self control. The most important benefit is that they solve body pains and the symptoms induced by the nervous disorders or stress in the brain, guts, cardiovascular systems, pelvic area (of course, sex organs and urinary systems), muscles and joints.

Reader: 11/11/2002>
Dr. Lin,

It is amazing!! However, at this stage it is only I taking both Moodmax and Viagrowth, and so can you recommend something for her? She is 25 years old and very, very healthy and fit. Even so without any supplements she seems to be getting orgasms beyond anything she imagined possible - we need to move to a detached house, as the people next door must think we are killing each other!!
I would imagine that she is getting something from my energy and circuit, and we eventually end up increasing each other抯 oscillation until the energy wave becomes huge. However, I would like her to feel as much as I do, even though she is still reaching something I have never seen a woman experience. My wife previously was not particularly interested in sex, but now she can't wait for the next intimate time together!
"In love we trust" 
Dr. Lin: 11/11/2002>
Viapal-hGH-J can heighten her sexual energy and orgasm which in turn will supercharge your body via the electrically  transconductive circuit and coupling transformer between your Glans Penis and Her Epicenter/Cervix during lovemaking and orgasm - as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/3-point.jpg & http://actionlove.com/image/nerve.jpg  .  Let your glans always stay in the Epicenter pocket during lovemaking for a maximum energy transfer. Her orgasm will produce a powerful periodic uterine/cervical contraction sucking your glans penis, that will make you moan and cry. This suction action is like the dog's tie where the glans penis is sucked up by the the spastic uterus and cramping vagina during a dog mating.  As for our human lovemaking, the penis can not get into the uterus due to the orientation of the uterus, but can lock into the deep vaginal pocket - the Epicenter, between the cervix and bladder.  Once the glans penis penetrates to the Epicenter pocket, the sexual pleasure will make the lovemaking couple to synchronously moan and cry together,  like the dog tie as described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/animal.htm .  It is a lovemaking orchestra. we recorded this orchestra in the CD-ROM. The old Chinese Taoists call this process "Extracting female sexual energy to re-nourish the male body via love coupling."
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