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News updated:

Case Title:   Anti-depression and narcolepsy drugs cause retarded ejaculation and orgasmic dysfunction for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/29/2002>
Finally a website that mentions information on men that have difficulties ejaculating or having orgasms instead of coming too early! 
I rarely ejaculate when I have sex with my girlfriend. Letís say I came about 3 times over the last 6 months (though we have sex 4-6 times per week). 
Having intercourse, I can only come after almost an hour of thursting (and to avoid that some people start making illusions: no, this is not funny for either you or your partner!). Masturbating, I can ejaculate after at least half an hour while in the past I only needed about 6 minutes.
Moreover, when I come I cannot imagine that this is what is supposed to be an orgasm, no, itís just ejaculation. I certainly feel no pain at all. On the contrary: I rather have the impression that I just feel less with my penis than other men seem to feel! 
Odd thing: Iím practically always very eager to have sex! Itís just afterwards that I always meet more and more frustration (mine AND my partnerís frustration because she thinks sheís inadequate).
Other information that might be relevant: Iím 34 years old and because Iím a Narcoleptic I have to take the following medication on daily basis: Prov?gil (in the US probably better known as Modaf?nil), Tofran?l and Gur?nsan.
So, I hope you can shine some light on what my problem is!
Is it physical (prostate disfuntion, stress, medication, fatigue,...)?
Is it mental (for me it's my first real sexual relationship while my partner has quite a record of sexual experiences) ?
Please provide me with a real solution because this problem is not only driving me crazy, but it is creating more and more frustration with my girlfriend which she doesnít deserve because sheís always been enourmously supportive. Not to mention the good sex Iím missing all this time!

Dr. Lin: 10/30/2002> 

Your medication drugs cause your retarded ejaculation.
1. m?dafini amplifies the brain's cortical serotonin release and electro-neurosecretory coupling mechanisms that block the dopamine-adrenalin conversion which is supposed to trigger ejaculation. It will keep the dopamine level high.
2. T?franil, the tricycle antidepressant, can cause the parasympathetic nervous disorders such as fast heart rate, blurred vision, urinary difficulty urinating, dry mouth, constipation, weight gain or loss, and low blood pressure when standing. Urinary difficulty is one of the prostate parasymapethetic nervous dysfunctions, causing the contriction (tightening) of the prostate ducts. The same nervous disorder tightens (freezes) up your prostate ejaculation duct and valve.

Increasing the seminal production will solve your problem.
A high dose of ViaGrowth-IV can boost your testosterone level and seminal production to trigger your pituitary for release more oxytocin for the prostate orgasmic contraction.

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