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Case Title:   She said 'I ordered and just received the massage pointer and the VIP cream. The pointer lets me reach parts of my body I never knew I had, and I had 2 very strong, extended, deep orgasms last night with that and the VIP cream.'; how to avoid the uterine-contractive or re-locating pains or cramps during lovemaking, Luteal Phase (PMS) or menstruation .
Reader: 10/27/2002>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I am a 24 female engaged to the love of my life. We have wonderful, frequent, powerful sex. My problem is this: sometimes during sex I get very nauseous, like I am going to throw up. The deeper and harder the penetration, the more nauseous. After sex, I can have pain in my lower back and abdomen that feels like very strong menstrual cramps. Sometimes the pain is severe and lasts for hours. Sometimes the next day I will have a pain or dull throbbing ache in my lower abdomen.

I have a strong family history of endometriosis. I wonder if I may have it? I will be seeing a doctor, but I know that the only official diagnosis is through an intrusive laparoscopy. 

My periods are very regular, only last about 3 days, and have a moderate flow. They are, however, extremely painful.

What do you suggest I do?

PS - I ordered and just received the massage pointer and the VIP cream. The pointer lets me reach parts of my body I never knew I had, and I had 2 very strong, extended, deep orgasms last night with that and the VIP cream. The cream enhances my excitement, but also in the past I have had a hyper-sensitive clitoris and this allowed me to be stimulated maximally for a long period of time. Thank you, Doctor Lin!


Dr. Lin: 10/27/2002> Your menstrual cycling is normal. Your hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis work wells.
It seems that the the long penis pushed your cervix against your rectum  too hard and rotated your uterus during lovemaking.
It can happen when your uterus is slightly prolapsed (dropped) and retroceded so that the cervix moves toward the rectum to leave your Epicenter gap widely open for the glans penis to jack up and to rotate your uterus.
The curved massage pressure pointer stimulates against your urethral spongy tissues from the G-spot to Epicenter without disturbing your cervix/uterus. This naturally gives you a powerful, but also comfortable orgasm without pain or cramp. We have found the disturbance of the uterus can cause uterine-contractive or re-locating pains or cramps even without achieving an orgasm.
The VIP Cream can induce the relaxation of the local tissues and sensitive nerves. Massage both sides of the clitoris and G-spot (that is the urethra spongy tissues) first for 3-5 minutes with the VIP Cream to initiate the blood circulation around there. This is very important for a harder G-spot stimulation. 

Generally, during the Luteal Phase (the high-temperature days as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/cycle.jpg  ), the progesterone level reaches the peak of the month and the testosterone level drop to the lowest point; the uterus /cervix support ligaments sometimes become too weak to hold the uterus and cervix in the correct position; the local nervous fibers in the muscles and ligaments are too rigid or inelastic to stand the dynamic re-location of of the uterus/cervix due to a lack of the relaxation/elasticity hormone prostaglandin E-1. Some women can experience PMS or menstrual pains when there is an excessive progesterone or/and stress neurohormone adrenalin, but insufficient androstenedione/testosterone/acetylcholine/serotonin in the brain and ligaments/muscles/nerves.
Nauseousness results from a high level of progesterone in the brain like the state of pregnancy. The disturbance of the uterus/cervix when there is a high level of progesterone in the brain will cause this problem. This is because the stimulation of the cervix is supposed to trigger the pituitary to release the orgasm hormone Oxytocin.  Instead, a high level of progesterone in the brain  forces the pituitary to release the milking hormone Prolactin, the orgasmic inhibitor. This causes your brain's
nauseous response to the cervical and uterine stimulation. 
A high level of progesterone (so does estrogen) also encourages the growth of endometrial tissue which is supposed to be lined the inside of the uterus. Under a continuous stimulation of a high progesterone (or/and estrogen) level in each menstrual cycle, endometriosis occurs when this tissue travels outside the uterus and the inflammation of uterine lining results. This can lead to daily, PMS, and menstrual pain and the penetration and intercourse pains when the penis reach the cervix or the vagina deep ending pocket as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-24.jpg  . Your OB/GYN can tell if you have endometriosis.  If you have endometriosis,  a high dose of the plant hormones (ie. Plant/herbal  Etrsogen -Isoflavones, and/or plant/herbal progesterone) can help control the problem. When the plant hormones take over a certain amount of the hormonal receptors sites in the uterus, endometriosis will be under control.  This is due to the fact that the biological action of the plant hormones is only about 1/1000 times of the body-generated estrogen or progesterone.  This is also why the plant hormones can help prevent or even suppress the cancerous developments in the estrogen-sensitive tissues such as the breasts, cervix, uterus, labia minors (foreskin) or ovaries, or the testosterone- or DHT-sensitive tissues such as the prostate, penis (clitoris) and testicles.  Our formulas are loaded with a high dose of the natural plant hormones to take care of the problems associated with excessive estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHT. For more information, please read
The menstrual pain is caused by your uterine contraction to release the menstrual flow when the uterine-support muscles and ligaments become inelastic and rigid due to a lack of prostaglandin E-1 production by the uterine-support tissues, or when the uterine lining is inflammatory.  In a lighter condition, some women will experience orgasm or post-orgasmic pains or cramps when the the uterus is violently disturbed by the penis during a lovemaking session.
Generally, your OB/GYN won't detect your slightly prolapsed or retroceded uterus in the Luteal Phase since he or she won't have a historical record of your uterine position to compare with, in particular when your uterus changes its position hourly and daily in responses to the variation of your testosterone and progesterone levels.
Generally, Viapal-hGH-J (ViaGrowth-III + MoodMax + DopaFibra) or Heat Tea can help young women solve the PMS or menstrual pains.
If the problem is due to stress, ViaGrowth-III, MoodMax and 5-HTP (instead of DopaFibra) can help solve the problem.

Solutions for lovemaking with a long, hard penis:
1. Making sure that your uterus/cervix are fully tented up, before performing an intensive, prolonging stimulation on the Epicenter, cervix and uterus. Viapal-hGH-J or Heat Tea can help tent the uterus/cervix for young women; Viapal-hGH-D or -P for middle aged and senior women. Your partner should fathom your cervix before giving you a deeper stimulation. If he does every time you make love, he will discover the change of your cervix from time to time.  This can help avoid pains or cramps.. 
2. Shortening the stimulation time on the Epicenter, cervix and uterus and  fully erecting your clitoris and G-spot before stimulating. Taking Viapal-hGH-J or Heat Tea daily (or taking Viapal-hGH-D's ViaGrowth-IV 1 tablet daily and drinking its Fibra and Ginseng 30-60 minutes priori to sex) and watching a 10-15 minute porn movie can help you have a hard erection of your clitoris, G-spot and entire urethral spongy tissues, in about 3-5 times of your regular size. It can help you achieve orgasm in short time.
3. Or Just stimulating the G-spot and Clitoris and avoiding the deep Epicenter stimulation, partcularily during your Luteal Phase when the uterus is most likely prolapsed or retroceded, or if you have an
Endometriosis. Focus the stimulation on the first 1-4 inches of your urethral nerves including the clitoral and G-spot - the 2-point Excitation method. You can achieve orgasm without stimulating the Epicenter/cervix. 
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