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Case Title:   He said 'The anal breathing technique is amazing.' Mission for male multiple orgasms without ejaculation is possible with the Cobra-CAT 3-point Excitation Missionary position - the lovemaking science for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/26/2002>
Dr Lin,
The anal breathing technique is amazing. There is no limitation to how long a man can last when he has mastered this technique. My first question is about male multiple orgasms. As I approach orgasm while doing the breathing, I feel a sudden sensation pulling my abdominal muscles downward and heat building in the pelvic region under the abdomen. The orgasm seems to be "clenching" to the anal contractions and the orgasmic sensation leaves the penis and enters the contraction region. This new sensation scares me and I squeeze the pc muscle to force the orgasm thru the penis (which causes ejaculation). If I had continued with the anal breathing would I have had a non-ejaculation orgasm?

Dr. Lin: 10/27/2002> If you want to avoid ejaculation, you have to focus your mind into your tailbone and low back (by tightening your butts against your anus and tailbone) while holding an expansion pressure against your bladder to relax your prostate.
If you use the missionary position, your upper body and head must be raised like a cobra to compress your low back and tail bone and the base of your neck (a technique to fully activate the parasympathetic nervous circuits in the tailbone nerves S1-S5 and C0, and the vagus nerves (CN-X) and then use the CAT (Coitus Alignment Technique) to slide your pubic bone over her clitoris with 50% of your low-body weight. Your hard erecting penis only serves as a mixing stick for her Epicenter, the gap between her bladder and cervix. There is no tension in your penis, prostate and PC muscles. That is, Don't "fuck", but just "mix or whip" her at 1.25 cycles per second while you rhythmically slide your pubis over her clitoris and contract your tailbone muscles at the same speed.  In this way, you will shaft your orgasmic contract from the prostate/PC muscles to the tailbone muscles without ejaculation.  
Highly aroused women can come over and over again and you can avoid ejaculation since the penile-vaginal whipping or mixing operation won't stimulate the male penile nerves while giving women a powerful, synchronous, rhythmic stimulation on the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time - the principle of my 3-point excitation method.  
I call this combination the cobra-CAT 3-point Excitation Method.
This method is very effective for young couples, where the female are hot and the male has powerful muscles in the hands and low back to do an hour-long "mixing". When I was young, my wife enjoyed hourly orgasms with this method. The most effective action is to let your two feet land on a firm ground while she lays her butts  at the edge of a bed about 2 feet high, so that your legs can help your hands to slide your pubic bone against her clitoris at a high speed, 2.5 cycles per second. In this way, you can blow her up in 1-3 minutes.
But, generally, at the high-speed stroke, you may blow your load too. 
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