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Case Title:   Teenager's over-masturbation causes back pain, impotence, pubic pain, stress, fatigue, penile pain, and more for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/23/2002>
Upper and Lower Back Pain (Cracks Heaps), weak erections, supra pubic pain, Highly stressed for no apparent reason, very fatigued, painful urination(main  problem). Ive been to the doctors to have tests. They tell me they can't find anything wrong with me. This is bull. Please help. Have had symptoms for about a year. I have tryed a healthy diet but nothing seems to work. Any  Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Lin: 10/24/2002>
Excessive masturbation! Excessive stress neurohormone adrenalin in the joints and a lack of the relaxation/elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1 in the joints will produce crack sounds when you muscles or ligaments moves.  When did you start and how often a day or a week? 

Reader: 10/24/2002>
I Started masturbating when I was 11 or 12. I did it once or twice a day without a break for years up until I was 18. I then only did it once a week. Symptoms started after I repeatedly withdrew from climax. Even though I dont do this anymore symptoms are still present. 

Is it bad to stop masturbation all together. If so what are the complications?
Dr. Lin: 10/25/2002> The sexual exhaustion symptoms produced by over-ejaculation or over-masturbation can not be detected by the modern-high medical engineering machines.
If the the high-tech scanners can not see, medical doctors can not solve the problems for you. The only solution doctors can give you is to shut down your sexual functions with drugs to preserve or conserve the parasympathetic nervous energy for healing.
For the sexual exhaustion systems, Please read
Well, the common over-masturbation or over-ejaculation practices results in the same sexual exhaustion symptoms one way or another. God is very fair in this matter.  And more cases similar to yours in
The reason you stopped masturbation is because you were too weak to do again, and your seminal production is too low to motivate your masturbation.
The sexual exhaustion will continue to haunt you since your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous recharging system for healing and restoration has been deadly locked in the low-functional level that can only support your life, and your serotonin nervous function is too weak to regulate (reduce) the dopamine-adrenalin (stress neurohormone) conversion in the brain and adrenal glands, leading to sympathetic nervous "fight and flight" for stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, impotent, premature ejaculation (if you can still ejaculate), and psychological disorders. 
Over-ejaculation and Over-masturbation has abraded your prostate and urethral ejaculation duct and nerves with a high-speed, alkaline seminal flow, and kept your prostate PSA (prostate enlargement, tumor, and cancer index) high.
When you started to experience body pains for unknown reasons, it would be too late to stop masturbation since your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic, serotonin and dopamine nervous systems have been melted down. There would be no much healing power to be generated by the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous recharging system. Please read these articles for detail -

Now, your 19-year old body is like a 50-60 year old man's.
Well, the only solution for your problem is to take Viapal-hGH-M (3-014) to stabilize your brain and neuro-endocrine functions for rejuvenation, for healing your abraded prostate and urethra, for solving your sexual exhaustion symptoms, and for the tissue production of the relaxation/elasticity hormone prostaglandin E-1 that solves the body pains/cramp and muscle weakness..
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