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Case Title:   Young man's over-ejaculation and over-masturbation for no sexual orgasm? The destructive sexual practice - a full discharge of the brain/nervous battery.
Reader: 10/23/2002>I have had a few steady sexual partners back when I was in my teens, but since my one big relationship died off, I've had trouble getting and maintaining an erection suitable for intercourse or even for foreplay. I always had healthy erections and had sex regularily (sometimes several times a day) during past relationships, but now when I'm with a girl, I can't perform. I know some of this is mental, but how to stop it? Once you've been through the humiliation once, it's hard to not fear that it will happen again, and so it does, because of that anxiety. I think it may have also been brought on by chronic masturbation as well though. Ever since I was young, I've masturbated very frequently, sometimes up to 3 times per day. Now, when I do this it's not a regular stroking of the shaft. It's often been my technique to use a soft blanket or something covering my head to increase the pleasure, but I think this has led to numbing of my nervers or something (friction bur!
ns?), because I'm not sensitive anymore (I can't maintain with a condom on, sometimes without). I also rarely have morning erections anymore, and I'm only 21. Can you please tell me what I can do to perhaps revitalize myself? This is a very serious thing for me, and I realize that some of it is psychological, but I know that I may have been a little rough and may have damaged it as well. It's actually led to some serious depression. I'm very popular with girls, but because I've let myself down too many times in bed, I've almost stopped pursuing girls out of fear of more failiure. I've cut out drugs, and alcohol from my life, and try to exercise as much as I can, but it does nothing. I need something that will help restore sensitivity as well as maybe bolster my confidence a bit. 
I really appreciate any response, as I haven't had the courage to confront my doctor about this yet, we live in a very small conservative place and I know that my doctor won't provide me with any useful info.

Dr. Lin: 10/24/2002> Your problem is caused by over-ejaculation or over-masturbation.
Having sex or ejaculation 3 times a day daily turns your 21-year old body into 50-60 years old in sexual age.
Chronic over-ejaculation or over-masturbation is like leaving your automobile headlights on all night long without recharging the battery. Once the battery is fully drained , it can no long crank the engine and charging system to recharge the battery itself. At this point, you have to jump start the engine/charge system with an external power source.
Frequent over-draining of the battery will result in a thick layer of chemical-deposited fouling on the electrodes and then shorten the battery life. The engineering solution is to replace or polish the electrodes, change the electrolyte and then charge the battery; otherwise, the battery won't store the electric energy any more.
Your acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous bioelectric battery has been over-discharged or over-drained continuously.
Due to the lack of the parasympathetic nervous healing and restoration force to retain your liver, adrenal, kidney, digestive and cardiovascular nervous functions via the vagus nerves, your neuro-endocrine function is sluggish and your autonomic nervous system is turned to the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" - a chronic, excessive conversion of dopamine-adrenalin due to a chronic drop of the serotonin and melatonin levels resulting from a lack of 5-HTP. The "Fight or Flight" in sex means "Premature Ejaculation or Erection Withdrawal", that is "shooting or running away." The sympathetic "Fight and Flight" action turns on the liver and digestive fires in your nutrient-conversion and enzymes factories. As a result, the cholesterol-hormone converting flow become irregular or blocking ( http://www.actionlove.com/image/hormone.jpg ), and the neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin ) syntheses are sluggish.. And, your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous systems have been burned out when you continued your excessive sexual practices.
The full explanation of your problems is given in -
The variation of the brain's neurotransmitters in response to ejaculation and sexual orgasm - on the Penile Ballooning Method for penile enlargement and the destruction by over-masturbation and over-ejaculation .
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9875.htm 
Destruction produced by Male or Female Over-Masturbation for no sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9848.htm 

Following the engineering principles, you need Viapal-hGH-M (3-014) to help you cleanse your re-charge system, overhaul and jump your battery.
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