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Case Title:  Anal breathing sexual orgasm without ejaculation, pro-hormone dietary supplements, DHT, estrogen, hair loss, prostate health, blood circulation, and liver detoxification.
Reader: 10/20/2002>
Dr. Lin,
Your anal breathing method has lead to a breakthrough for me regarding sexual chi kung. I've found that the heart and diaphram really hold the keys to opening up the pleasure centers in the brain. Through properly-timed "relaxation" of the heart at extreme moments of pleasure, I experience the electro-magnetic energy in the heart rise up and fill the brain. I'm guessing this really benefits the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus. Through the increased ability to relax under extreme sexual stimulation, the heart can contract and release orgasmically without triggering ejaculation below and instead triggers waves of pleasure above, in the brain. As corny as it sounds, this cause a genuine and pure blissful smile to appear on my face. It's not the same as ejaculation pleasure, which is more seizure-like and causes my face to contort. It's a genuine smile, like I've crossed the goal line or something. The thrill of victory. 
My concern is, when practicing this kind of non-ejaculatory sex, which I do sometimes several times a day, does the excess testosterone convert to estrogens or to DHT? What happens to excess hormones, beside being urinated out? I have experimented with some body-building pro-hormones (such as androstenedione, androstenediol, DHEA) and take your Viagrowth 3, which I like. You've stated that taking low doses keeps the liver from aromatizing these, but some supplements (such as 4-androstene-3, 17-diethyl-carbonate ester (4-AD-EC)) out there now are bound with cyclodextrins (for sublingual absorbtion) or in the afore-mentioned diethyl-carbonate esters. Both by-pass the liver and get right into the blood-stream. Another is intra-nasal, for brain absorbtion. I've considered using only small amounts of these, per your advice, but what happens to testosterone that's coverted from 4-AD. Why and under what circumstances does excessive testosterone convert to estrogens or DHT, w!
hich these products claim to be unable to do? My wonder is, while they don't convert directly, any testosterone made from them by your body may convert to estrogen. Is that true??

thanks, great products 

Dr. Lin: 10/20/2002> Glad to hear your achievement.
The testosterone-estrogen conversion requires the liver enzyme Aromatase.
The testosterone-DHT conversion requires the liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase.
If your liver functions properly, you have the over-conversion problem of testosterone to estrogen or -DHT.
If you have a lot of ejaculation sex or masturbation, the testosterone-DHT conversion is inevitable. If this happens, a combination of Zinc and plant estrogen (isoflavones) can stop or reduce testosterone-estrogen conversion and also prevent DHT binding into the DHT receptors in the prostate and hair-rooting cells. DHT is essential for building muscles and growing penis, in conjunction with effects of the neurochemicals, oxygen, hGH, DHEA (Kidney Yin Chi) and androstenedione (Kidney Yang Chi). Any drugs blocking testosterone-DHT conversion will shrink muscles and penis/clitoris and weakens the joints, ligaments and heart muscles. But, DHT alone can be harmful (psychologically unstable and spastically muscular cramping) if there is a deficiency of acetylcholine and serotonin and hGH/DHEA. The most effective ways to prevent the DHT negative effects on the prostate enlargement and hair loss are
1). use Zinc and plant estrogen or sterols to coat the DHT receptors,
2) Improve the blood circulation in the hair rooting cells and prostate to bring in neurochemicals, hGH, DHEA, androstenedione and oxygen to convert the DHT negative effects to the positive effects which happen in the puberty teenagers (hot and passionate) whose testsoterone-DHT conversion reaches the peak of their lives, but they don't have hair loss and prostate enlargement problems!
For examples, vacuum-cupping massage can help solve prostate pains or enlargement and premature ejaculation (due to excessive DHT trapped) by improving the perineum blood circulation; Warming the head by sun, IR laser or electric heater can help grow hair by improving the head-skin blood circulation. Hairs grows faster in the summer than in winter; People in the tropical zone have more hairs than those in the cold zones. The reasons: Blood Circulation (BBC News, Sept. 3, 2002)
Teenagers with a high level of DHT have more hairs and healthier prostate than the seniors whose hormone levels down below 30-50% of the young guys.
Where do the young men's DHT or other hormones go? Burning them in the muscles to retain your muscular strength, or excreting them in the urine or sweat or ejaculation. 
If you have excessive testosterone or DHT due to taking supplements, you will become horny and hot and feel your prostate tickling. If you don't have such a feeling, the supplements have not boosted your testosterone level over 800 ng/dl yet.
A high testosterone level may force the liver to produce more aromatase to convert it into estrogen that grows your breast, belly, and hips, but shrink your penis. Solution: Use exercises to burn the excessive testosterone in the muscles other than your prostate and its adjacent muscles. This also helps prevent premature ejaculation. If you can not burn it in the muscles, it will enhance your sexual drive which forces you to excrete or burn it the ejaculation/orgasm biochemical process by masturbation or lovemaking. That is why excessive exercises is not good for sex.

I don't think any products can bypass the liver detoxification process.
If a product resists the liver detoxification, it may damage the liver due to the fact that it alternates the liver function.
In fact, the entire cholesterol-hormone conversion process described in
is a complete liver detoxification process.
You have to follow the natural course - the Tao.
This is why our ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax are loaded with about 25% of ingredients that promotes the liver detoxification, in addition to the prevention of the DHT binding and the testosterone-estrogen conversion.  ViaGrowth-II and III are packed with plant steriod and isoflavones with zinc to prevent the DHT binding and the testosterone-estrogen conversion.
Foods help us grow before our 25, they accelerate our aging and dying.
After middle age, the more you eat, the faster you die, but you have to eat some so that you can die slowly.  Our products help people eat less, but have more healthier sex, so that they can enjoy live (including sex) better and longer.  

Yes, Noses and lungs can absorb molecules. That is why you are afraid of poisonous gases or you sneeze out when certain smells or dusts strikes your nasal membrane..
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