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Case Title:  Young man's sexual exhaustion, impotence, high PSA, penile deformation, and marijuana for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/20/2002>
I engaged in anal sex with my ex girlfriend over 2 months ago. I was under the influence of marijuana at the time. it was difficult to penetrate and I felt some pressure from within and behind the testicles from forcing my penis in but no pain. when I orgasmed , I had a much different feeling than usual. the feeling was short and I figured this was due to the tightness of her anal cavity , and not being able to ejaculate much because of that. after sex I did not know I had a problem until the following night. when it would not function correctly or barely at all. In the following days I noticed it was small and I had little feeling in it. It improved over the course of a month or so, but I still had a very hard time becoming erect. I noticed it still was not as hard like before. it still continued to improve and more feeling was coming back, it seemed like it had the stiffness it once did when erect but I still had a difficult time getting to that stage. 
during masturbation I believe I re-injured it . right before orgasm I had this feeling on the top right of my penis near the head. after that it became small and hardened. .I had the numb feeling again . eventually it regained some size when flaccid. Once in a while it would go back to small and having a hard core. the end regained normal girth while the base part stayed skinny, maybe like the hour glass shape I read being described. I have regained some feeling again , but I noticed that the top right of my head has barely any feeling compared to the right.i had a slight curve to the left previously and now it seems more so. I have been to a urologist. He didn't see anything wrong with it so he didn't think I was injured. But I had a PSA test done. The first time it was 4. and then I had it done again about a week later and it was a 2. It has been over 2 months now since the original incident. I have been very depressed over this. I had been drinking a lot before all this and I had started using marijuana once in a while.i had not been doing either since this happened. I just read an incident that was frightening to me about using marijuana and permanantly killing the penis, I am wondering if being "high" at the time had anything to do with it and if I need your medication for the drug cleanser before it is too late. please suggest to me what products of yours I should use. I will be greatly apreciative to you if you can please help me.

Dr. Lin: 10/20/2002> So, when you felt her vagina is too loose, you tried her anus.
But, the anal sex proves that your erection is too soft, but not that her vagina is too loose.
What you described indicates that you have been sexually exhausted due to your chronic over-ejaculation (excessive sex or over-masturbation) which keeps your PSA high (2.0 for a 20-year old young, like a 50- or 60-year old man's PSA!) and kills your prostate's seminal production function.
PSA (prostate-specific antigen) is a type of protein produced by the prostate gland and leaked into bloodstream. It becomes a detection measure for the prostate tumor and cancer cells. Ejaculation, vigorous prostate massage, and certain disorders, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis may cause a rise of PSA in blood concentrations. The PSA level will jump up after ejaculating, and then drop slowly back in next 24-48 hours. Frequent ejaculation will keep the PSA high and the prostate will keep irritating for more sex until you are totally exhausted - no more libido and erection for a few days. I have explained this symptom in the following link -
Teenager's impotence and sexual exhaustion symptoms due to over-masturbation for no more sexual orgasm. Why male insects die from mating?

Here is the math for youth impotence: Over-ejaculation + Marijuana = impotence :
Side Effects of Marijuana - killing the brain, nerves and penis / vagina for no sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10320.htm  
Why marijuana causes teenagers' impotence? Solutions!
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Marijuana and vibrator kill her G-spot and clitoris for no sexual orgasm
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Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation and marijuana produce psychological instability - solution.
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Marijuana, curved penis and erectile dysfunction for no sexual orgasm
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Over-ejaculation, marijuana, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorder, facial numbness, prostatitis, urethritis, retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual orgasm.
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When Marijuana takes over your liver, brain and nervous systems, you run into the end of your sex life; solutions for erectile and ejaculation dysfunction, and restoration of sexual orgasm.
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Marijuana for impotence, ejaculation dysfunction and no sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9840.htm 

Your penile numbness is due to deficiency of acetylcholine in the sensory nerves and neuro-muscular junctions (endings).
The deficiency of acetylcholine in the parasympathetic nerves will cause all the problems listed in
The causes of your hour-glass shaped penis? The formation of scar tissues in the middel section of the penis due to over-masturbation or penile exercises.
Stretching exercises result in a hour-glass shape penis for no sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9846.htm 

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