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Case Title:  Over-Masturbation is not for fun at all - a young man's experience - no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/17/2002>
Good day, Dr. Lin:

Great site! I think itís wonderful that you lay out all this information for free for all to research and see. I still canít believe that the medical community condones self-destructive behaviour as it does. (ďMasturbate as much as you want!Ē) I figured out on my own the self-destruction that I was putting myself through, but unfortunately not before the damage was done. 

Even though this probably is going to be the same-old over-masturbation story to you, I ask for your assistance in setting myself straight and improving my overall quality of life through healing the damage done through my self-abuse. Thanks in advance for reading. 

The History:

I over-masturbated from the ages of 12-18, at least once daily. At the age of 18, I slightly reduced the frequency that I masturbated to probably 5-7 times a week. I entered into my first serious long-term sexual relationship at the age of 22, and that went on for slightly over 2 years. I had encountered premature ejaculation, and had a little difficulty in getting an erection when we had sex. I further compromised my future sexual health through frequent double-ejaculation over the course of this relationship.

We broke up. I really missed the sex and went into a spiral of masturbating daily. That lasted for 9 months until my sex drive dropped off, and I noticed changes in myself, mentally and physically. (all very well documented here in other cases) Scared of what was happening to me, I then reduced my masturbation to an average of once every 4 days or so and thatís where I am about now, at the age of 27. The nastier symptoms of over-masturbation have now disappeared over the last 1.5-2 years. The stuttering speech, depression, and lack of mental focus have all been drastically reduced, but still linger. 

Current Situation:

My masturbation has now become a laboratory experiment where I observe everything going on:
I can still balloon my penis with extensive massaging and breathing techniques, (still have to get that right) but it feels like Iím working a little too hard for it. While I can eventually get my penis to stand at 1 oíclock if Iím patient enough, the head is usually still quite spongy and only occasionally balloons as well. This makes intimate situations very awkward, and I in turn have more anxiety about my performance, making things worse.

I seldom have impulsive erections, and when I do, they are quite soft Ė extensive massaging will work though.
I believe my circulatory system may also not be working up to full potential. My hands and feet are usually cold, and cuts to them take a little bit longer to heal. This is a symptom of Type II diabetes which is in my family though Iíve never been tested. My sex drive isnít really what it used to be - maybe Iím getting older, and maybe itís for other reasons? My joints have cracked and popped for a long time now and have some minor aches and pains Ė more than I would think normal for a 20-something year-old. Iíve also experienced worsening eyesight, and increased floaters. I feel moody at times, my short-term memory and concentration arenít always as good as they were, and I need more sleep than Iíve ever needed. Again, is this just aging, or is this all related to the damage? I smoked marijuana occasionally for a year or so but now have no use for it.

Iíve been slowly cleaning up my diet. I live in Toronto, Canada and there is *lots* of access to healthier ethnic food which I enjoy. (We have 4 Chinatowns!) I donít eat any fast food or drink soda, and my only real vice now is my sugar cravings. I feel that I need a bit more, but am now overwhelmed at the amount of information Iíve read and am unsure of how to proceed. Iím also not feeling comfortable about experimenting on myself. Please advise as to what I need to do to facilitate this healing process! Please ask any questions you may have. Iíd like to experience a sex life as it should be. Thank you very much for your time Ė I apologize for the excessive length.

BIG QUESTION: related to where I live Ė have any of your other Canadian customers had problems with ordering your products across the border? I am willing to try your products, but am reluctant to proceed if theyíll not cross the border!


Dr. Lin: 10/18/2002> Your problems are well-documented in these links -

Your problems have to be solved by a combination of ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) and DeToxiA (1-017). DeToxiA is a nutritional formula for diabetes.
There are couples ingredients (DHEA, androstenedione, DMAE, NAC) in ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax being classified as prescription drugs by the Health Canada, although there are dietary supplements according to the the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) passed by the US Congress. 
Theoretically, they are not drugs since these ingredients naturally occurs in the animal and human bodies.
We just help your body to get these nutrients without going through a very complicated biochemical conversion process from the raw protein you eat.
We generally change the ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax labels to the custom-friendly labels for international shipping.
We have no problems in sending our products to English-speaking (including UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada) countries after changing the labels. The UK Royal Custom has never given us any troubles even if we don't change the labels.
We don't have to change the labels when we ship our products to the Asian and South/Central American countries for personal/individual uses. But, to prevent a lengthy inspection by the health authorities, sometimes we change the labels,
We ship the products internationally except Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden.
We have to ship our products to Netherland or Switzerland for our German customers.
Sometimes, we still ship our products to Sweden but there is a 30% failure rate to pass through the Swedish Custom even we use fake labels.
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