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Case Title:  Suggested formulas and programs for a Compulsive Masturbator to retsore health and sexual functions.
Reader: 10/15/2002>
Dr. Lin

I have Problems:
1.) Compulsive Masturbator for 24 years 2-3 times per day
2.) Excessive Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, cant concentrate, Attention def, Aches and pains
3.) Can not take- Ephedra or related products, Yohimbe or excessive Cafinated products without increasing stress and anxiety
4.) poor sleeping habits wake up throughout the night sometimes even getting 3 hrs of sleep a night
5.) pre-mature ejaculator and penis shrinking
6.) Mood Swings
7.) Overweight
8.) Feel Very fatigued after i eat but have check blood glu. levels and they are fine. check thyroid and is okay.
9.) Have Herpes Simplex so cant take any arginine or ornithine products.
What do you recommend? is there a way that i can control my sexual addiction? can i do a natural product or a type of relaxation exercise? Is there another product that wont tear me up like ephedra and yohimbie or should i adopt a better Nutrition program, Juice and just eat right. what kind of exercises should i do.

P.S. I love your site and just started researching this problem that i have....
P.S.S. i am in the medical field and have thought of doing HGH replacement injections of 1 I.U per day what is your recommendations to using real HGH.
Thanks for your imput.
Dr. F

Dr. Lin: 10/16/2002> 

Very Sorry to hear your story.
Most of the symptoms you have experienced are given in
Your brain and adrenal glands have converted excessive dopamine to adrenalin due to a low serotonin level and a weak serotonin nervous function, which leads to a low melatonin (sleeping hormone) synthesis in the pineal gland when your eyes are closed or in the dim light. To get rid of the over-masturbation habit, you should increase your brain serotonin level to improve your self-control ; increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans and eat fishes instead of red meat and dairy products to cool down your prostate; burn your testosterone in your muscles rather than in your prostate - have about 1-2 hours exercises daily -Yoga or Tai-Chi (with synchronous Chi-Kong Breathing). By the way, have a super-high (isolated soy) protein shake for your breakfast. Drink apple, orange, tomato, grape and pineapple juice, 12-oz each very day to flush your liver, kidney, bladder and prostate.
You have to restore your brain acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous functions first and your dopamine nervous functions, so that you take our high-power products such as Viapal-hGH-M and ViaPal-hGH-P.
You should take 5_HTP (our product), Kava Plus (our product), GinSeng 4X+ (our product), Energia Tea (our product), Verdina Tea (our product), stress B-Complex, GABA, DHEA (25-50 mg), Androstenedione (50 mg), Soy Isoflavones (100 mg), L-Lysine (100 mg), L-Glutamine Acid (200 mg), ALC (200 mg), NAC (200 mg), DMEA (200 mg), L-Taurine (200 mg), L-Methione (300 mg), Phosphatidy Choline or Serine (100-200 mg), Dong-Quai (300 mg), Saw Palmetto (300 mg), Nettle Root(300 mg), Pygeun Bark (300 mg) Wild Yam (300 mg), Black cohosh (300 mg), Deer Antler (100 mg), Avena Sativa (300 mg), Maca (300 mg), Horney Goat Weed (500 mg), Grape Seed (100 mg), Zinc (60 mg).
You can find the listed ingredients above in our ViaGrowth-IV, MoodMax and DopaFibra.
You can try these products first - 5_HTP (our product), Kava Plus (our product), GinSeng 4X+ (our product), Energia Tea (our product), Verdina Tea (our product), stress B-Complex, GABA, DHEA (25-50 mg), Androstenedione (50 mg), Soy Isoflavones (100 mg), and Zinc (60 mg). I think you will feel much much better with them in about one week.

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