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Case Title:  An Over-ejaculator's sexual exhaustion symptoms for no sexual orgasm. Melted High-tech medical machines!
Reader: 10/07/2002>

I am a 38 year old Male and have numerous issues and have spent a lot of money on specialist. I have averaged 5-7 orgasms a week (sometimes more) thru both love making and masturbation since about 14. I eat relatively health and I go running regularly. Here are the symptoms I am having

- HEADACHE - I have had a headache on and off for the last 15 years that originate from the base of my skull and top of my neck. Chiropratic adjustments seem to help for many years, but now the headache is 24/7. Its usually a dull headache (sometimes bad) but really wears me down towards the end of the day (fatigue). Xrays and CT scan dont show anything wrong. I have NOT notice the headache being worse around orgasms. I also have pain in the area of my soft pallete. I have had my sinuses scoped and they did not find anything wrong.

- SLOW URINATION - For the past 2-3 year I have been having very low pressure when urinating, and the frequency us up. I get up at least once every night.I do not have any pain. The urologist has done may tests. My prostate is a little big but not too bad he says. He also did a cystoscopy which he said he didnt find anything (a little scaring in the bladder). He did say my sphincter muscle was very tight though. He has me on Teraz?sin. This helped a bit.

- LOW BACK PAIN - This has been an issue for 15-20 years on and off.

- DIGESTION / RINGS ON TOUNGUE - I dont feel like I digest food and feel bloated a lot of the time. I also get sores or red rings on my toungue that seem to start small then get bigger and disappear. This process lasts about 2 -3 days. There are somtimes multiple rings and they are tender. This has been happening for about 2 years pretty regularly.

I am currently on Teraz?sin for the urinary problem and just a few weeks ago my doctor put me on N?rtriptyline (30mg) for the headache. The Nort?iptyline has made my urinary problems a lot worse (but helped my headache). I also have an aching feeling between my testicles and anus ( very uncomfortable). I am considering going off the N?rtriptyline to see if this is causing the problem.

I am still sexually active and do not have ejactulation or erection problems and no pain. But after looking over your website, I thought I should write. Please let me know what you think and if any of your products would help me.


Which products would help me ?
How many times (per week) is over ejaculation ?
What doses of your products should I take ?
For how long ?
Should I go off my medication while I try your products ?
Should I stop ejaculating for a while ?
How long should I stop ? When will I know when I can restart and how many times a week ?

Thank you for your time
Dr. Lin: 10/08/2002> Yes! Most of our customers have spent couple ten thousand dollars and gone through a lot of MRI, PET, X-Ray, CAT and whatever high-tech medical scanners for the sexyal exhaustion symptoms like what you have. Some examples are given in

In fact, we have encouraged people to do so. If your doctorS said you are ok and the high-tech medical machines found nothing wrong in your body and brain, your problem is about 99.99% due to the acetylcholine/parasympathetic or/and serotonin nervous disorder or/and an excessive dopamine-adrenalin (stress neurohormone) conversion in the adrenal glans or in the rear brain (the norepinephrine/epinephrin nervous systems) which results in a dopamine deficiency and excssive adrenalin (epinephrine). A deficiency of serotonin or a weak serotonin nervous functions causes excessive stress which in turn, produces the sensory and parasymapethetic nervous disorders by reducing the aceylcholine synthesis in the neuron terminals. A deficiency of serotonin and dopamine and an excessive stress causes mysterious headaches. Perhaps, patients need a low dose of Ecstasy to lift them up - http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10350.htm
The nervous disorders in the pelvic cavity (the low parasympathetic nerves S1-S5 and Co from the tailbone) include prostatitis, urethritis, IBS (irritable bowel symdroms), low back pain, low abdomen pain/cramp, urinary or bowel incontinence, over-reactive bladder, frequent urinary urgency, prostate enlargement, PMS, menopause pains/cramps, and pains in the penis/testicles/clitoris/vagina/cervix/uterus/groins.
The vagus nervous disorders includes the irregular cardiovacular output, digestive system panic, liver functional (detoxification) disorders causing a slow cholesterol-hormone conversion and a deficiency of the neurotransmitters, diabetic-like conditions, kidney and adrenal functional disorders, and neck/shoulder/back pains.
The vagus nerves (CN-X) is the only upper parasymapetic nerves extend beyond the head and neck to the thorax and abdomen. The vagus nervous disorder will causes the dysfunction of internal organs.
The other upper parasympathetic nerves are CN-III Oculomotor (eye pupil contriction, ciliary muscular control, visual lens shaping and focusing, vision control, etc.), CN-V Trigeminal (facial expression and scalp muscles controlled by parasympathetic motor neurons branched from CN-VII to temporal, zygomati, buccal, mandibul and cervical), CN-VII Facial (Lacrimal - tear , nasal and palatine, submandibular and sublingual salivary glands), CN-IX Glossopharygeal (Parotid salivary gland).
The neurotransmitter acetylchloline are essential for the sensory nerves to function. Sexual Exhaustion causes the functional disorder of the visual (CN-II optic) and hearing (CN-VIII vestibulocochlear) sensory nerves - leading to eye floaters, blur vision and buzzing ears. In fact, it affects all the sensory nerves, of course including smell and taste.
I have outlined the most sensible and visible problems in

You need Viapal-hGH-M (3-014) to help you out. You should add DopaFibra to Viapal-hGH-M after taking Viapal-hGH-M for 1 week. For a slow healing, take one tablet from each bottle every day. A slow healing with the low dose is more suitable for over-masturbators. Generally, It will take 1-3 weeks to make the sexual exhaustion symptoms gradually disapears. You will start to feel good in 2 or 3 days after starting to take the products. For how long, depending on your ejaculation frequency.
My suggested ejaculation frequency for your age is about 2-4 times a week; the nominal frequency is once every 2-3 days with the modern nutritional support. The vegetarians should reduce it to once every 3-5 days. The old Taoists suggested once every 3-4 days for men at your age. You can reduce your medication down to 50% and make an attempt to withdraw then after a week.  I think, it is very easy for you get rid of the medication drugs since they are not SSRIs antidepressants which are very addictive.
If you can get off the products after 2-4 months if you regulate your ejaculation to 2-4 times a week.
If you want to ejaculate once a day, you have to take it continuously with a high dose.
During the healing period, you can ejaculate twice a week.
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