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Case Title:  On female ejaculation upon sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/30/2002>
I had a quesion about the research done on female ejaculation. When I have sex w/ my b/f I do experience female orgasm w/ or w/o ejaculation. This is sometimes during oral or sex. During oral, I only ejaculate a little ( a few teaspoons). Sometimes during sex I have produced a lot of fluid. sometimes it has the odor of urine. Is this my bladder releasing urine? My b/f says he feels me ejaculating from inside. What could it be? 

Dr. Lin: 10/01/2002> If the ejaculation has urine smell, that means there is urine leak into the ejaculation fluid.
That is, the urine leakage induced by the nervous sexual stress in the urethral sphincter muscle and the bladder detrusor (smooth) muscle is similar to the stress-induced urinary incontinence due to coughing, laughing, lifting, over-exciting, or excessive physical or mental stress.
The problem is due to the weak S1-S4 nervous functions of the urination control mechanism which control the release of the urine, in conjunction with a weak serotonin nervous modulation in the interneuron synapses. The same situation happens in the digestive system, particularly in the section of rectum and anus where the S1-S4 branched nerves control the bowel movement continence and the gas release. The upper section of the digestive system is mediated by the CN-X (vagus) nerves from the bottom disk of the neck. Sexual orgasm may cause gas production and release in the digestive tract, stomach aches, pelvic pains or cramps, bowel movements, and urinary releases if the local serotonin nerves can not moderate (mitigate) the sex- or orgasm-induced stress (sympathetic nervous functions) or the pelvic parasympathetic (S1-S5/Co) nervous resting potential (the DC voltage level) is too low.
The urethral female ejaculation generally is inevitable to mix with urine more or less. If the urine concentration is low, you won't smell its odor. Our smell organ is not as sensitive as dogs'. If you won't smell the urine odor and your urethral (g-spot) nerves are not irritated, you can enjoy the release in companying with orgasm.
If your ejaculation is released from the vagina or cervix. there is nothing to worry about.
I have experienced with my wife's vaginal ejaculation when  I gave her a finger pliers massage to orgasm.
She spread the crystal clear ejaculation jets from the porosities of her outer vaginal wall (about 1 inches inside) on to my face.
I was so excited about this.  The fluid is clearly transparent and odorless.
It was the first time I saw the vaginal ejaculation although she released a lot of fluid on my penis and pubis (3-point excitation love position)  and dripped it onto her perineum and anus upon her orgasms when she felt something being pushed (squeezed) something out of her uterus/vagina.  Generally, when the vaginal ejaculation is released by the penile stimulation on the G-spot or Epicenter (the female prostate),  it will be mixed with the cervical mucus (particulate, white or yellowish when oxidized). Then, after mixing, the ejaculation fluid will become light-white. The progesterone level will affects the color and particulate density in the cervical mucus and smell.  We consider there are the degenerated seminal vesicles distributed  in the spongy tissues or the smooth muscles between the uterus/cervix and bladder, and their outlets are the porosities which may locate inside the urethra or vagina, or in the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues.  The degenerated seminal vesicles store a lot of fluid for ejaculation and get replenished very quickly when the sex organs are engorged and swollen to an extreme. 
Noticeably, to examine the vaginal female ejaculation, the man must let his partner come without ejaculating or use a condom , so that there is no semen to mix with the female ejaculation fluids.
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