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Case Title:  Perineum damage causes her perineum blood congestion and kills her clitoral and vaginal nervous functions for no sexual orgasm - solutions.
Reader: 9/30/2002>
My question is kind of complicated and hopefully you can help me out with the answer. My girlfriend is going on 21 in November and has been sexually active until she met me. The reason she has stopped is because of her past relationships and the fact that she has tried everything to achieve orgasm and cannot. Her explanation is that when she was in gymnastics as a kid she fell on the balance beam right between the legs. This caused massive bleeding. As she grew older and was sexually active she received no orgasm or pleasure. Her vagina does not lubricate which is very pecular also. In our relationship now, we want to experience new things with each other, and I was wondering if there was a medication we could use to help her achieve orgasm or what steps can we take. Please write back and let me know what her issue might be with orgasm disfunction.
Thank You

Dr. Lin: 9/30/2002> Yes! the blood circulation in her crotch area has been stagnated and congested and scar tissues have been formed in her clitoris vaginal orifice, labia minors and majors, and groins. She must have a lot of bruises down there when she fell. Although the skin color has been returned to norm, but the damaged tissues have become scars surrounding the damaged nervous fibers and neuro-muscular endings there.
No blood circulation for the fresh blood, no hormone, oxygen and neurchemnicals to keep the nerves active and alive.
To rejuvenate the nervous functions, the blood circulation must be re-activated first, and at the same time, the inactive or damaged nerves must be fed with hormones and neurochemicals.
To re-generate the blood circulation in her perineum, she needs vacuum-cupping mussage down there.
But, avoid directly sucking her clitoral glans and vaginal entrance (cavity). Don't blow air in or suck air out of the vagina/cervix/uterus cavity. Air sucking and blowing (pumping) in the the vagina/cervix/uterus can be a stupid, dead action for women.
To improve the blood circulation in her clitoral shaft and its both sides, and the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, she need a frequent Finger Pliers massage with VIP Cream at least once a day for 5-10 minutes.
Apply the screwing (in-and-out + rotating) motion of the Finger Pliers to massaging the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues between the 9- and 3- o'clock position. The best time for the Finger Pliers Massage is the morning right after she wakes up, when her hGH/DHEA/testosterone levels are at the peak, her body is stress-free, and her parasymapethtic nervous function is still very active. HGH/DHEA/testosterone and the neurotransmitter actylcholine and its precursors can exert healing power for the damage tissues and nerves where there is a blood circulation to carry them into the disastrous area.
She should take ViaPal-hGH-J to increase her hormone levels and nervous functions and to help dilate her arteries in the pelvic area. Nervous healing requires a high level of hormones and neurochemicals in the bloodstream. Testosterone + acetylcholine can excite the neuro-muscular endings by increasing the bioelectric resting potential (the DC voltage biased for the local nervous circuits) .
VIP Cream works outside in while ViaPal-hGH-J works inside out.
Both Vacuum-cupping massage and Finger Pliers massage wll stimulate the prostaglandins production in the tissues and soften the tissues. The massage principle for improvement of the blood circulation is similar to the liquefying of the well-packed soil foundation(the damaged scar tissues).
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