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Case Title:  ViaPal-hGH-M can solve menopause symptoms for more sexual orgasm; don't let the menopause symptoms and the anti-depression drugs ruin your marriage.
Reader: 9/28/2002>
I have been married for 27 years, and now I am experiencing menopause. I have been in an depression state for quite awhile. My doctor had me on anti-depressants for awhile. I quit taking them. Which now I feel I should be on them. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my husband and he finally told me. He had to go out and buy some sex,cause I wouldn't give him any. I feel like I destroyed oure marriage and I am a failure as a wife and lover. I do blame myself and him for not telling me fisrt. He is by the way going thru men's menopause too. He thinks he's 18 again! We have been having the best sex ever in the last few months, though!! I have had 2 female vaginal ejucalations for the first time ever in my whole life!! The best feelings and emotions ever experiencing. I don't want to lose this. But I feel hot flashes and headaches and very excessive hotness and then I can't experience any clitoris orgasms either. I so dry sometimes it hurts even with KY jelly. We've been having so much sex all the time. I have been experiencing the best sex we've ever had. I don't want to lose him or these wonderful feelings. The other morning we had sex and I had an urine ejaculation instead of the clear fluid ejaculation and I was embarrassed about it. He knew the difference too. I want to have them again and again the rest of my life. But the problem is it hurts up inside my urethal area. And I seemed to not be able to have an g-spot orgasm or clitoris orgasm either. It really hurts and I try and rub myself to death and even when he stimulates me I can't do either.I don't know if I am trying to please him so much or in my mind why I can't do it anymore. I know now I feel my estrogen is gone or it's up in my s1 or s2 area. I love that maxium feelings you get now from the ejaculations that I know I don't want to ever lose this or my sex drive. He thinks it's great and I know he gets right off immediately when I do it. I't the greatest feelings ever!! Please give me some help in this situation cause my doctor is no help and he just wants money for visits and he probably thinks I am crazy.I want to keep my husband at home and not get a divorce over this menopause. I love him very much. I have to deal with his actions and I do know he didn't want to do it but I drove him to. I have to deal with knowing I caused alot of hatred towards him over sex with prostitutes. He probably liked it to much to give it up yet if I don't keep him entained and give him what he needs he'll go get it. So this menpause is awful when you get old, and I don't wish any women to get in it so early as I did back in my early forty's. I hope I never lose him again. Please help me with What I need to correct my imbalance hormones and keep my sex drive. Eating vitamins or whatever it'll take. Creams and advice on my situation to correct this urethal pain up inside me where I can enjoy sex again and experience those wonderful ejaculations and G-spot orgasms. Please help me figure out what I need to keep my wonderful sexual experiences and my husband!! Thanks, 
Dr. Lin: 9/29/2002>You have experienced the typical menopause phenomena. No a big deal!  Luckily, you did not let the antidepression drugs ruin your marriage.
A low dose of ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) will let these symptoms disappear and help you enjoy love life again like a 20 year old girl.
With this formula which let you feel 20 again, life and sex will become ever more enjoyable and pleasure, particularly free of pains or cramps when you have a deep orgasm. 
Your urinary ejaculation (incontinence) under stress (including orgasm/sex-induce stress) will not happen again.

If you want to heighten your sexual response, you can add DopaFibra (1-016) to the Viapal-HGH-M formula and apply VIP Cream to your vagina during sex. DopaFibra will boost the orgasmic fire via the brain's dopamine nervous function while ViaPal-hGH-M stabilize the brain via the brain's acetylcholine and serotonin nervous functions and also elevate the hGH, DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone (estrogen) levels to fuel lovemaking.

We have found that, with our formulas, menopause and post-menopause women have a better orgasmic response than when they were young due to the fact that they will have a tighter vagina and more sensitive G-spot nerves and their Epicenter (the gap between the bladder and cervix, as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg  ) is more accessible by the penis, as a result of a shortening vagina due to the lightly prolapsed cervix and uterus which relocation also helps expose the Epicenter to the glans penis. The formulas will eliminate penetration, intercourse, orgasmic and post-orgasmic pains or cramps and let the uterine-support ligaments regain their strength for tenting up the vagina/cervix/uterus during the sexual arousal, which is the pre-requirement for orgasm without pains or cramps. The formulas will also improve the uterine titled or prolapsed conditions so that women can have a pain- or cramp-free daily life and a nice night sleep every day.

He can improve his erection hardness and performance and ejaculate more like a teenager again without feeling exhausted, fatigue or pain/cramp with these formulas.
We take the products ourselves. We know you will love each other deeper and deeper and enjoy honeymoon again every day.
Ageing can not stop love and orgasm.  You should be rewarded with more and more orgasm.
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Verdina Tea

VIP Cream
5-HTP (Serotonin)
Kava Plus Ginseng 4X+

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