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Case Title:  Female orgasm dysfunction - due to female frigidity, male sexual dysfunction, or a lack of sexual techniques
Reader: 9/28/2002>
Hi I am a little more than emarassed to be writing to you but I am a 27-year old female who has been with many lovers and for some reason i cannot cum i wouldn't even know if i did how to tell..... This makes for difficulty with men because they either feel inadequit or make me feel as if somethings wrong with me...can you give me any advice????-thanks Bgirl

Dr. Lin: 9/29/2002>
My general advices without your masturbation history and birth control or medication are given in
This article describes the general problems of female orgasm dysfunction associated with birth control, medication/street drugs , over-masturbation and abuse of vibrator, but doesn't include the deficiency of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine or serotonin, and the natural causes of hormonal unbalance, such as pregnancy/childbirth, excessive stress, excessive progesterone or estrogen, testosterone deficiency, or menopause. 

The general sign to measure your orgasmic capacity is the erection of your clitoris and G-spot, as a sexual-energy-charging measure of the entire vaginal/urethral erectile spongy tissues, labia majors and minors and uterus. If you lose this ability,  you won't achieve orgasm unless you stimulate the under-charged and inflexible/inelastic (rigid) sexual nerves with a powerful vibrator which will eventually destroy your sensory/parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous endings and nervous fiber isolators (sheath) and produce a deep layer of scar tissues in the clitoris and G-spot, leading to the shrinkage and ultimate death of the clitoris or/and G-spot.

The clitoral and G-spot erection has three critical implications:
1. Your bioelectric energy is supercharging your sex organs via the parasympathetic erectile mechanism (Neurotransmitter acetylcholine=> 2nd transmitter Nitric Oxide => arterial dilator cGMP=>Arterial dilation) and the sympathetic stress => sexual-energy transformation mechanism ( adrenalin binding of the sympathetic beta receptors and alpha-2 blockage).
2. The dilation of the arteries in the sex organs allows the Sexual Hormones (hGH/DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone) and neurochemicals (neurotransmitters precursors) to burn and to heat up the sensory nerves and to supercharge the parasympathetic and sympathetic sexual nerves by elevating the resting (DC) potenial (voltage) and the action potential (DC+AC voltage pulses). The hormone-burning product is the superhormone DHT that maximize the engorgement or swelling of the sex organs (like the penile powering-up process as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg  ) and tent the vagina/cervix/uterus up. This will make the sex organs become extremely sensitive.
3. The excessive trapping of sexual energy, tenting of vagina/cervix/uterus, and applying a ryhthmic pressure stimulation to the Epicenter/Cervix will signal the brain/pituitary to release the orgasmic hormone oxytocin and trigger the brain's dopamine-adrenalin conversion to lighten up the sympathetic orgasmic fires (the action potential - the electric pulses in the sympathetic nerves) in the autonomic nervous system, leading to the contraction of the auto-rhythmic nervous fibers in the Epicenter (the female prostate) to pace the contractile fibers in the uterus/vagina and then the entire pelvic cavity and the entire body.
If you can not erect your clitoris and G-spot, you need ViaPal-hGH-J or P to help you rejuvenate the brain/autonomic nervous systems and the local sexual nerves. 
If you can do it, your orgasmic dysfunction result from a technical or sexual-skill problem or the male erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problem.
For a sexual technical support, please read
For the male problems, please read
Generally, Viapal-hGH-M, -J or -P can help men erect harder and last longer.
For some men who have over-masturbated or over-ejaculated themselves in the past, it requires a long-term healing for their nervous functions and abraded prostates. They require a lot of oral or/and hand jobs to bring up their penises. Once their penises are erected, they have already produced a lot of precum to trigger their ejaculation in a short time during sex. 
Most of the over-ejaculators or over-masturbators not only have experienced a weak erection, resulting in premature ejaculation , but also have trained the PC or prostate nerves and muscles to intuitively respond to sexual stimulation, leading to the intuitive reflexion for ejaculation. They also need a anal breathing training to switch their nervous sexual response from their prostate to their tailbone muscles.
Women's Orgasm dysfunctions may be their partners' problems.

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