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Case Title:  excessively sexual orgasm, sexually stress-induced urinary incontinence and premature menstruation.
Reader: 9/26/2002>
MONDAY: I met someone that almost made me orgasmic 5 minutes after I met him. We had sex 4 or 5 0r 6 times that night/morning. It was fantastic! 
TUESDAYl: I did not see him Tuesday night, but my vagina just kept spasming, orgasaming or whatever ever time I thought about him or the night before. 
WEDNESDAY: Tonight, I just fell asleep cuddling in his arms, and 
THURSDAY MORNING, woke up to both of us being extremely aroused. After a little more foreplay, I climbed on top of him. About 5 minutes later, everything got very very wet. It kind of smelled like urine, was it? It did not feel like that, I i did pee immediately afterwards. I felt pretty embarassed. 
THURSDAY NIGHT: I Started my menstral cycle. Is this related?

Dr. Lin: 9/27/2002>
You have over-stimulated your urethra and bladder due to sexually stress-induced incontinence - the urethral female ejaculation.
More information are given in
Excessive orgasms cause your Premature menstruation due to the abrupt drop of the serotonin, acetylcholine and progesterone a continuous elevation of the brain's dopamine and an excessive conversion of the dopamine-adrenalin (neurohormone). The excessive mechanical stimulation of the Epicenter (the female prostate between the bladder and cervix as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg  ) by the penis or fingers during sex causes a continuous release of oxytocin from the pituitary via sensory nerves from cervix to the central nervous system under the action of the dopamine nervous functions. The Dopamine nervous functions generally elevate the free-testosterone level if there is sufficient DHEA (the Kidney Yin from the adrenal glands) and adrostenedione (the Kidney Yang from the adrenal (50%) and ovarian/testicular (50%) glands), or bound-testosterone in the bloodstream. It is like a refinery where crude oil becomes gasoline.
Dopamine is the orgasmic fire and testosterone is the orgasmic fuel. When dopamine and testosterone burn together continuously, they will force the progesterone level to drop abruptly, resulting in the separation of the uterine lining (endometrium) for menstruation. 
If the dopamine nervous action die downs after several orgasms to allow the serotonin nervous action on the hypothamlumas and pituitary to kick in, the pituitary will release more prolactin, instead of oxytocin, to cool down the sexual functions.
The continuous dopamine-adrenaline conversion boost the stress-neurohormone adrenaline level in the blood stress.
If the adrenaline is binding into the sympathetic beta receptors in arterial walls, the arteries in your clitoris and G-spot will be continuously dilating and the clitoris and G-spot will be continuously swelling for endless orgasms, even by simple touching or slight stimulation (friction). This continuously retain the "Heat" (swelling) in your pelvic cavity . And, due to the continuous dilation of the arteries, there is a large volume of blood flow circulating through your uterus, which replace progesterone by testosterone in the uterus. That is why excessive orgasms promote the premature menstruation.
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