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Case Title:  Middle-aged man's body pains, penile, testicular pain, hernia pain, whatever pains, weak ejaculation and urination, and erectile dysfunction for no more sexual orgasm - Solution!
Reader: 9/07/2002>
About 4 years ago I started getting pain in my left lower back area. Since i worked out with weights, i thought maybe I strained some muscles or something. About the same time i noticed smaller erections,semen seeping before ejaculating. Then one day I was totally impotent. I went to the doctor and said i had a slight enlargement of the prostate and also had blood in the urine. The blood cleared up with antibiotics and the prostate returned to normal. But my erections did not come back till this day I still can't get good erections if any at all. Also I had pain in the left testical and the pain went up to my left side of my abomen and the pain got worse when i tried to have sex as well as the pain in the left lower back. I went and got xrays and an MRI (all OK), back therapy, 2 Chiropractors, Urologists and one Acupuncture for the pain in the back. I don't know if it is related to this , but i also had panic attacks, but not untill a few years later though. I also noticed I
was jumpy, sudden reflexes when I was touched anywhere on my body. I had all kinds of tests done, testical and abdomen ultra sounds, diebetes check, blood work, PSA test,testosterone level check etc. Nothing was found in these tests. My back pain was hurting me so much i decided to wait it out till my back pain got better then go back to the doctors. Well my back pain is better but I still have pain, swelling and feel pressure in that area. My pain in the testical is very little now but still feel some discomfort there. I went to see a Urologist and he said it might be depression. Although i don't feel depressed it might explain the panic attacks and being jumpy etc. The new thing he found was that I had a slight hernia in my left side when he checked my left testical. He said I did not have a bulge but just a slight hernia. V?agra did not help much and the penil pump made me get a vein slightly protruding on the head of my penis. can this be corrected? Also my penis shrunk smaller than my normal limp size. I don't have all my feeling in my penis. It won't stimulate good enough to reach a good erection or reach orgasm at times. It's like the nerves are not working. I also noticed I can't urinate as strong as I use to. When i flex my PC muscle, it's not as srong as before, like partially numb or lost some feeling. My penis won't throb like before and I can't flex it like before. At first when I went totally impotent, i couldn't get an erection or ejaculate. As time went on I started getting partial erections but could not reach orgasm due to no feeling in my penis i guess.And I lost the partial erections after penetrating and went limp. At this time I can only get partial erections and can ejaculate, but it takes forever to do so if any, and produce a low amount of semem when i do ejaculate. Can you help my erectile dysfunction, lower back, pain. testicular pain, slight hernia problem, jumpy to the touch, etc. Depression wouldn't cause pain in !
these areas would it? Like I said I don't feel depressed, maybe stressed because no one has been able to help cure me and it's been 4 years ongoing. 

Dr. Lin: 9/07/2002>
Yes! This is a simple problem. Your tissues (including the penile spongy tissues), muscles, ligaments and joints produce insufficient prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) for the tissue relaxation and elasticity, expansion, stretching, and erection.  When your tissues can produce sufficient PGE-1, they become rigid and fragile and can not take strain or stress.
The cases listed in this link can help you out -
If there are too many cases for you to read, then go to http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9848.htm  

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