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Case Title:  He said ' I have been using your products and I have solved my prostatitis.'; on penile varicose veins, precum, penile ballooning, and sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/1/2002>
Dr. Lin: Thank you for your products and advices. I have been using your products and I have solved my prostatitis. I just have a few questions.
I got some varicose veins in my penis. I have read that they won't go away. Do they affect my erection and performance or it does not matter ???? and also when I masturbate I don't have any problem with precum but when I am with a woman naked and kissing her I notice precum. It is normal some precum or It is much better to totally reduce it to last longer. I also find that pressing my penis helps me last longer. Is it O.K to do this practice????
Thanks again

Dr. Lin: 9/01/2002>
The heart pumps blood to supply oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to all parts of the body via arteries; the fresh blood diffuses into the cells and feed the cellular receptors to produce biological actions or metabolism for renewal/healing/regeneration, and the blood containing the metabolism wastes is collected into veins and then returned to the heart. As the blood is returned to the heart, there are a lot of one-way valves in veins to prevent the blood from flowing backward. If some of the one-way valves become weak or broken, some of the blood can leak back into the vein, stagnate there, and the vein becomes abnormally enlarged. The enlarged veins can be either varicose veins or spider veins. This happens in the penis too, in addition to the most common areas such as legs, hands and faces.
Heredity, or being born with weak vein valves, is one of the major factors. If this happens in your legs or hands, you may get ones in your penis.
Hormones play a role in retaining the vein valve integrity and functions. Excessive estrogen and progesterone that reduces the free testosterone and DHEA level, or reduction of the hGH/DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone levels can lose the vein valve integrity, leading to the varicose veins or spider veins. For examples, women who take birth pills, or pregnant women are more like to develop this problem. Men are likely to experience these problems when their hGH/DHEA/testosterone level drops or their estrogen level increases due to the Aromatazition of testosterone by the liver enzymen aromatase.
Over-masturbation or penile abrasion can damage the shallow penile veins, resulting in varicose or spider veins. This is the most common factor for the young people. Penile enlargement exercises or pumping can causes the vein valve damage too. 
The penile varicose veins won't affect erection or sexual performance as long as the enlarged veins won't cause penile pains. This is because the penile erection is fully relied on the dilation of the penile arteries. However, if the enlarge veins cause erection pain, you may come or lose the erection more quickly.
When you see a naked woman or kiss a woman, it is normal to have a little precum to come out when your erection become very hard, hard enough to squeeze the secretion fluid out of the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-17b.jpg . If only few drops of precum come out, you can still control ejaculation well. However, if the precum is flooding, it will go up to the prostate ejaculation duct to stimulate the  ejaculation valve for seminal release. 
Precum contains Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) and E-2 (PGE-2) and other chemicals. PGE-1 stimulates erection; PGE-2 triggers ejaculation and orgasm. The ratio of PGE-1 and PGE-2 in the precum also affect your erection and lasting longer, but overall PGE-2 will accelerate ejaculation and shorten ejaculation control. If you can reduce precum, you last much longer. In this regard, your erection fully relies on the parasympathetic erection mechanism (acetylcholine -> Nitric Oxide -> cGMP), actions of norepinephrine/epinephrine on the sympathetic Beta Receptors of the penis, and the PGE-1 synthesis in the penile tissues and arteries.  Generally, If you don't stimulate your urethral nerves, you should not release precum.

Pressing or massaging the penis can stimulate the PGE-1 production in the tissues. As long as you don't over-stimulate the urethra, you will be ok. Massaging the penile footing/base and pubis can stimulate the PGE-1 production in the hidden section of the penis inside your perineum. It will help you increase the penile length and erection - the penile size. When the hidden section of your penis pops out, you will see the erection size increase. This is the foundation of my penile ballooning method. Powering up your penis will make you last longer since the erection blood pressure inside the penile chambers will block the penile /urethral nervous transmission to the prostate. This will block the prostate response to penile sexual stimulation. Generally, men can last 1-2 hours with a power-up penis and a relaxing prostate. 
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