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Case Title:  How to avoid intercourse pain with a 8.5 inch penis while the vagina depth varies in 2-6 inches for sex orgasm; also on love positions
Reader: 8/29/2002>
Hi, My question is by having an 8 and a half inch penis would that cause discomfort or pain for my girlfriend during sex. By the way she is a virgin who has not had sex or done much in general. ARe there women who can handle all 8 and half inches without hitting the cervix like you metnioned in other emails. I know the penis does not go all the way in ... in most positions so I want to know if there are positions or things I shoudl be aware of when being sexual with her. I mean you see girls in porno movies taking a long guy into them all the way so I figure it can be done by some women... so i was wondering how they do it? 

Dr. Lin: 8/30/2002>
If you hit her Epicenter (the gap between her bladder and cervix) with a hard erection, she can take it without pain and enjoy orgasm. Only a hard erection pints to a 12-2 o'clock position can pintpoint to this gap. Her sitting love positions with an backward inclination will allow the gravity to pull her uterus toward her rectum and then to open this gap for a deep penetration if her vagina is tenting up and vaginal/urethral spongy tissues are fully erected.  There are couple inches extra in there to allow a deep penetration. please read
If your erection is not hard enough, it is very difficult for your penis to avoid striking her cervix. A softly-erecting penis will be re-shaped (deformed) by her vagina to match (follow) the vaginal natural shape and led to the cervix as natural.
I have found this problem is a big problem for the intercourse pain  when the uterus drops toward the rectum and the penis is soft. There is no way to avoid striking her cervix unless you penetrate a half way of your penis with a back entry position with her legs closed together.  But, you don't enjoy sex with a shallow penetration.
The vaginal depth can be varied from 2-6 inches, depending on each individual and the elastic strength of the uterine support-ligaments.
A woman can experience the change of her vaginal depth in response to her menstrual cycle. The deepest vagina occurs around the ovulation days when the daily testosterone and DHEA levels reach their maximum of the menstrual cycle. This is the most comfortable times for sex and sexual orgasm. The vagina can trap and hold more semen/sperm for a longer time than the rest of days. 
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