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Case Title:  causes of retarded ejaculation for no sexual orgasms; tricks of the Finger Pliers method for multiple orgasms.
Reader 8/19/2002>
Dr. Lin:

I have enjoyed your website. I especially like the engineering component added to the sensual and taoist ideas. I am feeling validated for my intellect and detailed thinking.

Now for the problem, for which I have never encountered before. My partner has a problem reaching ejaculatory orgasm inside of me, or for that matter outside of me. He requires extensive stimulation, including pornography at times.

He has come close to ejaculation several times, and I am working my muscles, etc., and it is not loose fit, but even manual masturbation is difficult, requiring stimulous of very brisk kissing and other touching at same time. 

I wonder if his circumcision at birth could cause this. The skin is very tight, and also has some skin tags near the head. I think it may have desensitized it some what. 

Your advice please. 



PS: This has been a problem with every lover since high school. He is 37 years old.

Dr. Lin: 8/20/2002>This is due to a low seminal production rate by his prostate.
This article gives you some ideas about his retarded ejaculation disorder -

ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) will let him pump out a powerful seminal jet.

Reader: 8/20/2002>
Thank you for writing back. We will have to try your formula. I will order on-line. 

Interestingly enough, my partner has never taken street drugs, nor has he ever had SSRI drugs, etc. I will look into perhaps seeing if he is symptomatic for diabetes, as I have seen that on other sites.

I am thankful for your website. I wish these resources were available to me years ago.

And, the fingers pliers method is definitely good. My partner was doing this already, but I was age 40 before I ever had multiple orgasms. Another good thing is to insert two fingers and use the thumb on the clitoris or even the other hand in a fast vibrating way over the pubic area. I have not had multiple partners, and it wasn't until now, that I finally had a "hand job."

Thank you for helping to educate the public. I think your website is very important. I will tell my children about it when they are old enough, and mature enough and in committed relationships to understand it. 

Dr. Lin: 8/20/2002>
Thank you.
A high blood sugar (diabetes) will lower or dry up the seminal production and damage the neuro-muscular endings.
The articles in this link will give you alot of examples -
But,  in his case, it is likely caused by over-masturbation, the main cause of today retarded ejaculation,.
The Finger Pliers method is more effective than a hard penis.
The Finger Pliers stimulation can provide a high-speed and high pressure stimulation on the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter (the vaginal ending pocket between the cervix and bladder,  as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg  or http://www.actionlove.com/image/trigger.jpg  ).
The Finger Pliers method use One Finger, inside the vagina, curved up and acting on the urethral nerves from the G-spot to Epicenter, and another Finger acting on the clitoral glans and both sides of the clitoral shaft, and  screw (rotate) the Fingers between the 10 and 2 o'clock position in addition to the in-and-out stimulation.
Using the two fingers in one hand can give the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter a synchronized  intensive stimulation.  The synchronized stimulation is very important to trigger female orgasm in a short time since it produces temporary and spatial superimposed electric acting potential (pulses) in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous circuits to force the pituitary to release the orgasm hormone oxytocin..
Semen can stimulate the Epicenter/cervix nerves to pace orgasmic contraction since semen contains a very concentrated Prostaglandins E-1 and E-2 (PGE-1 and PGE-2). PGE-1 relaxes the cervical nerves and erect the vaginal/cervix tissues, and PE-2 induces uterine contraction (for orgasm or labor).  There is a special nerve linking the Epicenter (the orgasmic Pacemaker) to the pituitary for the release of Oxytocin. This is a hot wire for orgasm.
If the penis is hard, a hard penis stimulation accompanying with a powerful, hot seminal jet striking the Epicenter and cervix will causes the orgasmic contraction. If a man comes a little earlier, then applying the finger pliers stimulation with semen will make the woman come in a short time (within 1-2 minutes).
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