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Case Title:  A chronically masturbating teenager experiences youth impotency; on the Yohimbe safe dosage and the elimination of its side effects.
Reader 8/19/2002>
Hi Dr. Lin.

I appologize for this being so long... but I have some really bad problems and you may be the only one with the correct answers.

My name's Tim and I just turned 18 last month. Ever since I was about 13 or 14, I have been a chronic masterbater. I masterbate around three times a day and basically always have. Several months ago I met and fell in love with this amazing girl. She is the first person I've ever really fallen in love with and care about deeply. After we'd been going out for about a month we decided to go all the way. Well, that night we were in the back of my car and I went to put a condom on and I had terrible difficulty even getting an erection, and once I did, I barely got the condom on before I went limp altogether. I felt terrible and it became painstakingly obvious that she was dissapointed and I later found that she was even questioning whether I'm attracted to her, and I'll promise you she's the only one who I am attracted to. Now this isn't the first time that had happened to me while being with her. Several times before that, we had been fooling around and even though I could get an erection, it was either a very poor erection (not as hard or long as when I masterbate, or as stiff) or it definitely wouldn't last. I remember hearing about Erectile Dysfunction and all that, but I always heard that it only affected men who were in their late thirties or forties and beyond. I've also heard that 18 year old men are sexually in their prime and are most active then, so I began to get very worried. After searching the web for answers, I came accross a site that pushed Yohimbine as a really good aphrodesiac (sp.?). I bought some from the local GNC, and I will say that it helped significantly! But the side-effects are quite hard on me (no pun intended). Aside from the positive of helping me have more feelings "down there", it gave me severe exhaustion after it wore off and a terribly fast heart-rate while it was still working. Is there anything (for a similarily low dollar amount) that I can take in order to have the same or better results? And if I stop masterbating for a couple weeks, will my personal feelings return to the level of a normal 18 year old? Also, I noticed that I don't really have a problem getting an erection during masterbation. Throughout all my teenaged years I can't really say that I've had fantasies. It seems that I masterbate with perfunctory: just to get the job done.. and I would like to be able to get erections without stimulating myself in any way. Can you help me? 

P.S. I'm 5' 10'', about 200 lbs (pretty overweight, even for my broad, stocky build) and out of shape as far as cardiovascular health... my blood presure isn't high at all.. it's normal... So would having better physical endurance improve my erections?

Thank you VERY much for whatever you can do to answer those questions.

Dr. Lin: 8/20/2002> Now, you should believe that over-masturbation causes youth impotency. If you still don't believe it. Please read
the articles listed in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/impotent.htm 
Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation causes sexual exhaustion -
You are sexually exhausted
As a result, a 18-year old young man can have a 50-year old body, experiencing the male menopause symptoms which can not be treated by ViaPal-hGH-E or -M.
Youhimbe is an alpha-2 blocker that blocks the binding of the stress neurohormone epinephrine into the sympathetic alpha-2 receptors of the arteries, so that the epinephrine can take action on the sympathetic beta receptors for arterial dilation. When the parasympathetic nerves in the arterial wall and heart muscles lacks of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and nitric oxide release. Yohimbe will trigger the irregular cardiovascular output and the digestive panic responses. The detail is given in
At a low dose, 150 mg (at 2% Yohimbine) a day, Yomhime can drop blood pressure. At a high dose about 300 mg or higher in one shot, it can race the heart and elevate the blood pressure.  5-HTP, Kava Kava or/and the acetylcholine precursors can help reduce the irregular cardiovascular output and digestive panic responses if you take a dosage higher than 300 mg at a time.  If you take 150 mg Yohimbe twice a day, you shouldn't experience its side effects unless your cardiovascular system is unstable. Well, sexual exhaustion generally produce the cardiovascular instability in the first place.  Stop ejaculation for couple weeks. If the symptoms still remains, you can take MoodMax to help you out.
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