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Case Title:  Don't let Ecstacy (MDMA) fry your brain and nerves for a short-term fun, but not for a long-term sexual orgasm. Updated - He messed up his brain in 4 months on New Year Eve of 2003!
Reader 8/14/2002>
Reader 1 (25 Years old): Hi,
I just want to know what the long term side effects of me using MDMA exstacy is?...I basically replace my sex life with using MDMA. Right now I have no girlfriend and I just got out of a 3 year relationship. So I am using MDMA Ex for a good time. I take it by myself and I have to say that I have the most amazing pro-longed erections and orgasms EVER!! Yes I masterbate ...I wish I could actually experience it with a women sometime because I would make her so happy. It's like for once I get to control when I orgasm instead of doing it pre-maturely. I mean I am not an idiot. I know doing any drug is bad but let's say I take 5 pills a month will I loose my ability to have an erection without taking Ex?
Thank you for your help 

Reader 2 (24 Years old):About a year ago I ingested a half a pill of "ecstacy". Since then I have had much trouble sexually. I believe that the drug has hindered my sex drive and also has had long term effects mentally and emotionally. What can I do short of medication to begin the healing process.

Dr. Lin: 8/17/2002>  Response to Reader 1 -
Before Ecstasy (MDMA) fries your serotonin neurons in their axon terminals and shrink (down-regulate) the receiving neurons' dendrites and toxifies the serotonin neuron by inducing an re-uptaking dopamine into their axon terminals, you will have a short-term good time (lasting about 4-6 hours) every time you take it. After 4-6 hours, we will suffer depression, anxiety and stress due to the deficiency of serotonin in the brain cells. It will take a few days for your body to partially restore the serotonin level. Time after time, eventually you will suffer a chronic serotonin deficiency.
MDMA causes a sudden rise of serotonin in the nervous synapses (interneuron switches and electric-couple boxes) by breaking the serotonin vesicles in the axon terminals, which is supposed to release serotonin gradually,  and then by massively dumping serotonin into the synapse, resulting in a short-circuitry for serotonin nervous transmission to interrupt the epinephrine/sympathetic nervous circuits associated the sympathetic 'fight' (ejaculation) responses. In fact, a boost of serotonin will shut down your seminal and precum production too. You won't ejaculate much, even if you can have an ejaculation. This can lead to retarded ejaculation disorder. Yes, you can last very long when serotonin floods your brain and you can still keep a good erection with a proper function of the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous function. 
(Note:  You may wonder why I use ViaPal-hGH-M (ViaGrowth-IV, MoodMax and 5-HTP) to boost the acetylcholine and serotonin level in order to solve the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems at the same time.)
The most trick action of MDMA is to increase the Dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine surge levels in the nervous synapses too, resulting in orgasmic Fires in your brain when you have a little sexual stimulation. 
(Note: This is like adding DopaFibra into ViaPal-hGH-M or adding 5-HTP to ViaPal-hGH-P, which prolong erection of the penis, clitoris and G-spot during sex and then generate an extremely  and extensively powerful, long-lasting orgasm due to a persistent elevation of the brain acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin level.  The combination of ViaGrowth-IV, MoodMax, 5-HTp and DopaFibra is the most powerful formula to rejuvenate the brain and nervous functions for middle aged and senior loving couples. But, this formula also solve the problems associated with the nervous functional disorders such as IBS, male and female urinary incontinence, non-orgasmic prostatitis/urethritis, pains/cramps, PMS or Menopause Symptoms, Vaginal enlargement, Penile/Clitoral/G-spot shrinkage, Vibrator-induced nervous damage , seminal dryness or ejaculation disorder (ejaculating nothing or retarded ejaculation),  premature ejaculation, youth impotency, eyefloatersside effects of birth control chemicals, side effects of medication (such as blood pressure, SSRIs antidepressants)  and street drugs, sexual exhaustion symptoms due to over-ejaculation and over-masturbation , and even diabetic nervous damage with  adding DeToxiA to the formula or Vasectomy or Hysterectomy. )  Unfortunately, MDMA will also help throw dopamine into the serotonin terminals via the serotonin  re-uptaking transporters when there is no more serotonin for re-uptaking (That is, after the serotonin re-uptaking transporters clean up the nervous synapses, they pick up dopamine for re-uptaking into the serotonin nerves ).  This is how MDMA starts to damage your brain and nervous systems. Dopamine is toxic to the serotonin cells when it is in the serotonin axon terminals, and its chemically "broken" product called hydrogen peroxide by the enzyme MAO will oxidize (break down) the serotonin neurons!.
If you fry your brain nervous circuits 5 times a month with MDMA, you will have a good for about 6-12 months. After that, your serotonin neuron axon terminals will be burned out and the interneuron electric couplers will no longer serves the interconnection of the acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA and other nervous systems. Naturally, the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous communication will be partially interrupted, where the nervous circuits are responsible for sensing, response, stabilization of the internal organ functions, healing and restoration, and erection and engorgement of sex organs. Without the serotonin and GABA nervous modulation on the sympathetic nervous functions, you will suffer premature ejaculation and excessive dopamine-epinephrine (stress hormone) conversion to trigger sympathetic fires - stress, anxiety, ADD and other psychological disorders; without the dopamine nervous functions, you will lose your libido and orgasm.
If you really want to continuously try MDMA, you must take a lot of 5_HTP, B-12, B-6, B-2 and Vitamin C to protect your brains. Don't let MDMA empties serotonin in the synapses; otherwise,  the serotonin nerves will be damaged. But, I can tell you won't have a good time longer than 12 months. It will ruin your life forever. Remember you are only 25, too young to turn off your fun!

Response to Reader 2:  ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014)  can help you restore your brain and nervous functions. http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm The most powerful formula is ViaPal-hGH-M + DopaFbra which help restore a hard erection and prolong sex and orgasm in a short time.

Reader 1: 1/05/2003>
Hi... I have messed up. I tried to quit using ex and I actually cut it down to once a month...well I did MDMA on New Years Eve...and once again on Jan 1st,03.
I took a total of 5 pills on New Years Eve {spaced out over 5 hours}and then with no sleep I took another 5 pills on the 1st at around 9:00PM at night. The pills I took on the 1st really did not have any effect on me what so ever. Either way I am now done forever with drugs and everything!! I swear to God I am...I am completely finished!!
Please !! at least read and let me know if it is too late for me? Ever since the 1st of the year {4 days ago}when I took the other 5 pills again I have not been the same.
No Energy {Even though I have had a lot of sleep}
Very sleepy
Just want to lay in bed
Equal libriam is gone sometimes
I have a flash of ...like a quick nano black out in my mind as well.
Like my body is working fine and I am not sick or anything but every 60 seconds or so my brain feels like it turns off for a split second and then comes right back on again. Or if I move real quickly or turn my head to the left or right sometimes it will do it as well. It is hard to describe what is going...{almost like my brain synapses are not fireing or something}all I know is that I have never felt like this ever before in my entire life. I am a very high energy person normally and now it is hard to even smile. At least it feels like that.
Do you have any idea what is going on with me or what kind of pills I can take to help correct all the damage I now know I have done?...If you want to contact me thru telephone you can as well...or I can call you.
But this is really scareing me.
Thank you for careing and listening to me, 
Dr. Lin: 1/05/2003> So, your good time has only lasted about 4 months since your last e-mail was dated on 8/14/2002.
Now, you need the combination of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001) to help you out.
It will take a long time to detoxify and rejuvenate your brain and nervous systems.

Reader: 1/05/2003>
I wish I could be a spokesperson to stay away from all drugs now...god I messed up!!
Thanks for the help, 
Dr. Lin: 1/05/2003>
You should take my advice 4 months ago.
Now, you have to cleanse up your brain/nervous and liver systems for restoring your sexual function.
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