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Case Title:  Chronically Excessive clitoral stimulation causes clitoral pain and numbness for no more sexual orgasm - the death of the Clitoris - How?
Reader 8/11/2002>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I am a 24 year old healthy female and I would like to get your advice on a subject matter. I never had a problem stimulating my clitorus to achieve an orgasm. However, six months ago I've been having numbness (more in the line of pins sticking in my clitorus) sensation. This sensation occured twice and it is very painful. I'm afraid that my sensitivity has lessened due to this numbness. I was wondering if you have any article or have come across a situation like mine before? And is it possible to lose sensation in your clitorus? Is there a way to make a clitorus become sensitive again? One last questions....can you lose your sensation with too much masturbation? 


Dr. Lin: 8/12/2002>
You are in the 2nd stage of the clitoral nervous damage.  
In the first stage, the clitoral sensitivity is reduced and there is some damage of the clitoral nervous endings in the skin subsurface.  The surface scar tissues are formed to protect the damaged nervous endings. When you stop stimulating them for 1 -2 weeks, the damaged nerves heal themselves, the scar tissues separate, and the tissues become tender again..  
In the 2nd stage, the nervous damage becomes extensive and deepens into the myelin sheath, the electric insulator and protector of the neurofibers connecting to the nervous endings,  when you stimulate the sensitized clitoris every hard; you start to experience sensational numbness and pain.  Plaques start to form around the damaged joint of the neuron-muscular receptors and around the openings of the myelin sheath; the damaged myelin sheath allows the body fluid to interfere with the nervous transmission and to fully or partially ground the bioelectric resting potential (DC biased voltage) and the acting potential (the DC + AC voltage pulses) of the nervous transmission lines (nervous fibers),   resulting in pain and numbness.
In the 3rd stage, the scar tissues and plaques may be formed faster enough to protect the nervous fibers and endings before the damaged myelin sheath exposes the nervous fibers if the nervous stimulation becomes gentle (not enough power to further damage the myelin sheath) again but persistent for a long duration in each session.  In this regard, the clitoris is fully covered by scar tissues; the neuro-muscular junctions and the sub-surface nervous fibers are compressed by the plaques formed to protect the nervous transmission lines and electric couplings.  The compression of the plaques on the clitoral nervous fibers and the covering of the scar tissues in the surface make the clitoris become fully numbered.  However,  if you continuously and chronically stimulate the damaged nervous endings and myelin sheath with a high speed vibrator,  there is no chance for the plaques to form and the damaged myelin sheath remains opening to allow the body fluid to trigger the pains in the nervous fibers. Thus, You will experience sensational pain all the time. We have some clients experiencing the frequent clitoral pains, even without touching, after starting using vibrators at their young ages. In this stage of the clitoris damage, it requires Vacuum-cupping massage with VIP Cream and ViaPal-hGH-M or -P to fix the problem.  The vacuum cupping won't directly touch the clitoris, but it brings in the hormone- and neurochemicals- enriched blood to promote healing for the damaged nervous endings and myelin sheath, since the clitoral arteries won't dilate any more for the clitoral erection and blood flow due to the damage of the parasympathetic nervous fibers and their endings. 
The same damage situation is also applied to the G-spot.  
The damage of the clitoral or G-spot parasympathetic nerves will cause the shrinkage of the spongy tissues - the shrinking or death of the clitoris or G-spot due to a lack of the hormone- and neurochemicals-enriched blood which feed the erectile spongy tissues and nervous fibers/endings. The clitoral shrinkage is a warning signal of the excessive (over) masturbation or the clitoral damage.  If you frequently use a high speed vibrator, the nervous damage can be extended to the bladder, urethral sphincter muscles, cervix, anal sphincter muscles and rectum.  It causes not only sexual or orgasmic dysfunction, but also the urinary or bowel movement incontinences.
You have to take a couple-week sexual break and take ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) to rejuvenate the damaged nerves.
After 1-2 weeks, Massage both sides of the clitoris with VIP Cream (1-015) for 5-10 minutes and then cover it with a warm towel for 5-minutes to induce the prostaglandin E-1 production, once or twice a day - in the morning and prior to going to bed..

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