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Case Title:  Penile weight-lifting damage causes pain and penile curvature for no sexual orgasm.
Reader 8/7/2002>
I hung weights from my penis for about a year without any problems, then stopped. About six weeks later, I did a session with less weight and felt a sharp pain or tear about an inch from the base on the left side of my penis. Terrible pain continued and there was swelling. I felt like I had been kicked in the left testicle and I noticed a less concerning pain halfway down my left thigh like a pulled muscle, and my penis bent to the left. Regular doctors said there was nothing wrong. Beginning about six months after the injury, one doctor who is also an acupuncturist spent about 5 months using needles once a fortnight to soften scar tissue he said was irritating a nerve, and used needles on my thigh. I took Vit. E and B complex and used some Vit. E cream on my penis. I continued weekly intercourse on the doctor's advice. My girlfriend noticed my left ball hung lower than the right when I had an erection. Pain I interpret as stemming from tissue damage has almost ce!
ased. I have never had any problems getting an erection or achieving orgasm. I recently had a month break from sex or masturbation. My left testicle doesn't seem to hang so low during a erection. The penis appears to be straightening, more in the last two months than before. But I can see indents from the injury running about a third the way around the left of my flaccid penis, about an inch from the base. Flaccid, it is almost straight, although it bends quite dramatically to the left when semi-erect. Fully erect, it is dead vertical on the left side and slightly curved on the right as if the penis is being pinched on the left side - although the pinch point seems to have moved further toward the end of my penis. Most importantly, there is a swelling in the shape of a tube running from the point of injury to the circumcision ring on the left side when I stretch out my flaccid penis. I figure this is an irritated nerve. It causes irritation bordering on pain during what has !
become increasingly vigorous sex. There is also some irritation where my left leg connects to my pelvis and while the pain in my left thigh seems to have improved, there is a new pain behind my left inside knee. The acupuncturist said the pain would travel to the end of the nerve as it heals. I guess scar tissue continues to irritate a nerve running down the left of my penis as sex or masturbation seems to aggravate it. What is this nerve called, and what can I do to promote healing?

Thank you

Dr. Lin: 8/8/2002>
Your problem is associated with a lack of the tissue-elasticity hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) in the load-distributing tissues and the scrotum tissues when you did penile weightlifting.
You have to take a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010)or -M (3-014) and to have vacuum cupping massage on your left abdomen, leg and groin to increase the blood circulation in the left side of your penis.
The poor blood circulation can curve the penis to left. I have another customer having the similar problem. You should also use the VIP Cream to massage your penis. Improving the blood circulation in the left side of your low body will help improve the left-turn penile curvature.
Without a good blood circulation to supply the tissues and nerves with neurochemicals, oxygen and hormones (hGH/DHEA/Androstenedione/testosterone), the local tissues will produce less and less PGE-1 and both the tissues and nerves will experiences shrinking. When you touch, pressurize or stretch the tissues or nerves, you will get pulling, stretching or presurizing pains or cramps.
PGE-1 also affect the elevation of testicles, that is,  the elastic stretching of the cremaster muscle (the testicular suspension muscle) and fascia or the scrotum's lifting power.
In the cold wealth, the testicular cremaster muscle  lifts up the testicles to keep them warm or prevent them from the cold damage by firing up the PGE-1 production inside the testicles and cremaster muscles, where the scrotum becomes very wrinkly due to a lack of PGE-1, hormones and acetylcholine in the cold surface skin and the nervous endings.  During the hard erection,  the arterial dilation increases the hormone-enriched blood flow with sufficient neurochemicals to the testicles, cremaster muscles and scrotum and,  then,  both the scrotum tissues and cremaster muscles fire up the PGE-1 production to lift up the testicles against the body, where the scrotum becomes very stretchy, very smoothly shiny and tight, and hot  due to the presents of PGE-1 and the burning of DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone  with the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and nitric oxide in the skin tissues and nervous endings, as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg which shows the same thing happening in the clitoris shaft and labia (
the clitoral hook +  the labia minors correspond to the penile foreskin; the labia majors to the scrotum). The uneven lifting of the testicles may indicate the uneven PGE-1 distribution in both sides of the scrotum or the testicular suspension tissues (the cremaster muscle and fascia).
The nerves are from L2, L3, L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3.
The inner thigh, they are Femoral Nerve, Obturator Nerves and Lumbosacral trunk from L2-L5, which may cause intercourse or orgasmic pain or cramp.
The back thigh, they are perineal branches and inferior cluneal nerves from S1-S3, which may cause erection problems or pain
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