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Case Title:  Why his erection goes limp in penetration sex, but not in oral sex, hand jobs or masturbation? no good for sexual orgasm.
Reader 8/7/2002>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful website. I wrote to you a few years ago as I was a student of Taoism, Qi gong, yoga and have been for many years. I had worked to learn to have an orgasm without ejaculation first with the tantra methods and pc muscle, but found it to be difficult. After reading some of your tips and working with the sexual qi gong and moving sexual chi through the microcosmic orbit, I was able to achieve multiple orgasms and I was very proud of my accomplishments.

However, I was single then and was for many years, but now I have a special lady in my life. We just had sexual intercourse for the first time, but I could not maintain an erection, and I feel so ashamed for now being able to pleasure her.

I was reading one of the posts about oral sex vs penetration, and that is what happened. During oral sex, she was surprised that after even 10 mintues of stimulating the glans, I did not ejaculate. But when we tried penetration sex, I could not maintain a strong erection and I came so quickly I still feel a loss of my manhood. I tried to apply the qi gong breathing, and I could not control it when we were making love. Luckily my partner is very understanding, but I want to make her feel very special. 

I am confused by this as I normally have VERY strong erections that point to 12 o clock and my penis has grown a little from doing sexual qi gong, and I always have multiple orgasms on my own while masturbating. I do know that my jing is a little weak from not sleeping a lot for the past week, but I am still surprised at how I could not perform for my lover.

What products can you recommend to help with this? I need your expert advice shifu, so please let me know and I will placing an order very soon. Oh also, I am 27 years old. :)

Many thanks as always Lin-daifu,


Dr. Lin: 8/8/2002>
During oral sex, hand jobs or masturbation , you don't have the sexual-performance stress or anxiety, but get a full relaxation to have pleasure. Your nervous function is in the parasympathetic mode which powers erection.
Once you are in the penetration sex, your brain switches your nervous functions to the sympathetic mode. You nervous systems experience two problems: (1) Your brain's acetylcholine and parasympathetic can not maintain action potentials (AC voltage + DC voltage) to continue fire up your parasympathetic erectile mechanism (acetylcholine=> Nitric Oxide =>cGMP=>Arterial dilation for erection); (2) Excessive binding of epinephrine (the stress hormone adrenalin) into the sympathetic alpha-2 receptors, instead of the beta receptors, resulting the constriction of the penile arteries. When you have to penetrate the vagina, the penis goes limp unless you can still maintain a powerful parasympathetic nervous functions and there is no excessive binding of the epinephrine in the alpha receptors. Once your erection is insufficient, you become panic and attempt to contract your PC muscles in supporting your erection. Once you do that, you stimulate the Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands to fire up the secrection of precum (pre-ejaculation). Note that a long term oral or hand jobs will over-stimulate the urethral nerves to trigger the secretion of precum. Although most of the precum drop out, a little precum gets into the prostate ejaculation duct and valve where the rippenning hormone Prostaglandin E-2 stimulates the emission control valve to open for ejaculation.

The solutions are:
1. Power your acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions by increasing the DC voltage (the resting potential) of the nerves.
2. Reduce the Dopamine=>Norepinephrine=>epinephrine conversion, that is, de-stress the body and nervous functions, and partially block the alpha-2 receptors.
3. Reduce the secretion of precum.

If you produce a lot of precum during foreplay, oral or hand jobs, 5-HTP can help.
5-HTP or Kava Plus can reduce the stress level in any conditions.
To power the acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions, MoodMax or ViaGrowth-IV can help. For men after 40 (or 25 for over-masturbators or over-ejaculators), elevating the resting potential in the nervous systems requires hGH/DHEA/testosterone. In this regard, it requires ViaGrowth-IV, or ViaGrowth-III/II for young men.
To partially block the alpha-2 receptors, it requires a low dose of Yohimbe. MoodMax, PeniSOS, ViaGrowth-III, DopaFibra or Fibra contains Yohimbe.
The best combination for this problem is to take a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-M or ViaPal-hGH-J for young men.
If you don't produce much precum, you can take Endura or ViaPal-hGH-D 1-2 hours prior to having sex.
The ViaPal-hGH package can give a faster recovery from the ejaculation fatigue.
The ViaPal-hGH-P, -M , -X or -D package are for middle agers, seniors or sexually exhausted young people.
It seems you are not that bad yet, Endura (3-006) or a low dose of Viapal-hGH-J (3-015) should be enough for you.
ViaPal-hGH-J is much better than Endura in term of recharging the parasymapthetic nervous system, but Endura is more affordable for your people.

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