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Case Title:  He said 'thank you for the change your advise and products have bring into my life' with ViaPla-hGH-M and DopaFibra for better health, erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader 8/1/2002>
Dr. Lin

I wanted to thank you for the change your advise and
products have bring into my life. I have to tell you
that when I first read how every person of every case
in your web page were praising your products to the
extreme I went in disbelief, I was skeptic because it
seemed more to me advertisement than reality. I
thought that even if the product were really good the
comments were too much. Now I understand, now I join
the group that thanks you for your advise and for
making accessible those incredible products. 

The last four years I have been working in my Ph.D.
You must know the frustrating it can get some times
and the demand it imposes on one. This four years I
have been under a lot of stress. I fell into a
circle. I tried to reduce anxiety and stress by having
sex (I just married before coming to study) or
masturbating, but that led to tiredness, drowsiness
and lack of energy which made me loss concentration
and work less efficiently, that increased anxiety and
stress. In the last six months completely stuck in my
research I fell into a strong depression. I almost
could not move. My energy was completely depleted, I
felt pain in my organs (kidney, liver, etc.) and mild
pain in bones (specially the spine). I had problem of
circulation in my legs, and a feeling of tiredness.
Even if I haven’t had a problem of impotence I had
lost control over my ejaculation (worse than when I
was 15 years old) and I was having premature
ejaculation. Moreover, each time I ejaculated after
intercourse I felt so weak, so empty that I started
avoiding having sex with my wife. In trying to get
control over my ejaculation I tried some Taoist solo
exercises. But I could not control ejaculation even
during the exercises, and the exhaustion worsen.

The doctors gave me Pr?zac to treat my depression. But
it did not feel right for me, I took it for a couple
of months because I was really bad. However, I had
the feeling that it was so artificial, that it left me
with sense of void and hollowness, and flat life. I
decided to quit and try by my self with vitamins and
supplements. That how I found your web site. The day
I found it I spend 16 hours reading it, I could not
stop. Suddenly everything was related and made sense.
Although the trigger of my depression were specific
research and psychological insecurities, the depressed
neurological system and depletion of brain energy and
dopamine were quite responsible of the depression and
the lack of concentration.

What else can I tell you that you that you haven’t
hear thousand of times. I really thank you for your
advice and products. Life has changed, I feel as I
hadn’t feel since I was 23. It has been like filling
up an empty pool. Maybe the energy in the pool is
still ankle-level, but it already feels so different. 
I am completely out of my depression, I am working
much more efficiently in my Ph.D. With your 5-http I
have forgotten 10 years of insomnia. I also had some
skin problem that were supposed to be treated with
neuroc?rtizon, which I refused to use. Although this
problem is still there, there have been impressive
improvements, and I am sure that withing some months
they will disappear. I also have lost this sensation
that my face trembles a little bit, and that was
warned by an homeopathic doctor as symptom of
premature parkinson.

1. I have been taking ViaPal-hGH-M and Dopafibra (the
lower dose). Shall I continue a new cycle with the
same doses? 
2. I have read more about health and tao, and I am
thinking in doing some days of fast. Is it safe to
continue taking the products?
3. I have been also sharing with my wife the mood max
and sometimes the ViaGroth IV (she does not like the
5-http that makes her sleep “too much”). Is it fine
or she may need a different treatment?
4. I have read that there can be a discount for orders
over $100. I plan to order over $200 this time can I
have the 20% discount. I would send a check for the

Thank you Dr. Lin

Dr. Lin: 8/7/2002>
Thank you. Sorry for being late in answering your question. I was on my trip during 7/31 - 8/4/2002..
You must realize stress kills people in silence.
It produces body pain, headache, anxiety, blocking the brain functions for thinking and creativity, and inducing the other diseases such as liver, pancreas, cardiovascular, nervous prostate/testicular/ovarian/uterine, and kidney disorder. 
My younger brother have his half face numbed by a chronic stress and sleeping disorder.
ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax fix his problem in 3-4 months.

Here is the answers for your questions:

1. Yes. Use a low dose. 
2. Yes! But you have to drink a lot of water or juices (apple or tomato juices are the best in this regard of fasting)
3. Yes! It is ok for her to take a low dose of ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax. 5-HTP is formulated for support the serotonin and melatonin action on the brain. ViaGrowth-IV also contains 10 mg 5-HTP per tablet; MoodMax has 25 mg 5_HTP per tablet.
4. Only Repetitive customers get 20% off discount for next orders, regardless the order size. Of course, you will get it!

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