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Case Title:  Role of DHT (dihydrotestosterone)  and Progesterone in sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/24/2002>
DR. Lin,

I want to make sure I am understanding what I am reading:

DOPAMINE is the body fire (for arousal)
TESTOSTERONE is the fuel for the fire
ESTROGEN is the cooling system

Is this correct? And could the other words you use be put as simply? Like pregesterone, dihydrotestosteron, etc. I am very visual, so if you could use engines or everyday things to describe it, it would be appreciated. I have read for hours at your site and still can't place what each thing means. Thank you!!!

Dr. Lin: 7/25/2002> this chart can help you out,
where Progesterone is in the front position of the cholesterol-hormones pathway, and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is about the end product of the testosterone burning in the tissues. DHT causes the expansion of the penile, clitoral/G-spot (the vagina/urethral spongy tissues via the local parasympathetic nervous circuits and excite the local sympathetic nervous circuits for a powerful orgasm. Any drugs blocking the production of DHT or its liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase will result in shrinking the penis, clitoris and G-spot for no sexual orgasm. This is what the street drugs, hair growth drugs, prostate drugs and SSRIs antidepressants do. So, DHT can be considered as the expander and heater of the sex organs. Teenage boys (girls too) producing excessive DHT will experience the overheating and expansion of sex organs and their adjacent tissues, resulting in over-masturbation or pelvic congestion (if they can not release spontaneously or forcedly).
More information about the drug effects on sex is given in

Increasing of the progesterone level, due to the reduction of the liver enzyme 17a-Hydroxylase (CYP17), indicates the reduction of DHEA and androstenedione, the ingredients for the relaxation and elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1, and the increase of aldosterone and cortisol, so that the body muscular tension, spasm and stress increases - the common problems for PMS and intercourse pain/cramps in the Luteal Phase, the high temperature period shown in http://actionlove.com/image/cycle.jpg 
Increasing of the progesterone level will also stimulate the pituitary to produce more Prolactin (orgasmic inhibitor and milking hormone) and less oxytocin (orgasmic and emotional hormone).  If you increase your progesterone level externally, you must also increase the liver enzyme CYP17 to promote the hormonal conversion so that you can get more DHEA and androstenedione for bones and sexual orgasm. Unfortunally, the  increase of progesterone by pregnancy, birth control chemicals, hormonal replacement therapy or pesticide generally reduce the liver production of CYP17, leading to sexual dysfunction and a high cholesterol level.
Basically, progesterone can be considered as the sex braking hormone which help implant the fertilized egg and protect pregnancy. Women or their placenta producing less progesterone may face pregnant bleeding or miscarriage. Bearing a baby boy will have more chances to get pregnant bleeding and miscarriage than bearing a baby girl. But, bearing a baby girl may trigger some liver functional problems associated excessive progesterone and estrogen.  The most common problem in this regard is depression (baby blue) , hypothyroidism, and pregnant Type-2 diabetes.
That is why the progesterone-based (progestin) birth control pills/implant/shot causes so many problems such as sexual, orgasmic and emotional dysfunction, as listed in
On shot can kill them all.
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