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Case Title:  He lost a 2 and 1/2 inch penis from chronic over-masturbation for no more erection and sexual orgasm - Why?.
Reader: 7/23/2002>
Dr, Lin
I once had a very large penis 8-9 inches. Iam afraid I have damaged my penis with over masterbation. I masterbate once a day and now I can not last very long during intercourse. I also have lost about 2 and 1/2 inches in my erection. Also once I have ejactulated once I can not get very hard again. Please help me and please talk without all the medical reasons just answers please. I dont want you to think i dont appreciate any help but i dont understand the medical reasons just want to no how to stop premature ejactuation and how to get back my rock hard erection. Thank you

Dr. Lin: 7/23/2002>
 That is simple. Over-masturbation has discharged your brain's/acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous battery, resulting in shrinking your penis. It is likely the function of your car battery. If you frequently over-discharge it, the battery can not store electricity.
The bioelectric voltage (termed as the resting potential) of the parasympathetic nerves affects the normal functions of the cardiovascular, digestive, liver, endocrine and lung systems via the vagus nerves (from the CN-X in the bottom of the neck).
The digestive, liver and endocrine systems, in turn, form a bioelectric charge system for your parasympathetic battery.
Over-masturbation causes the over-discharge of your battery and then your battery becomes too weak to support a full operation of your bioelectric charge system and its recharging efficiency. Thus, you can not get out of this endless cycle of the vioelectric recharging problem.

Penile erection is drived by the elevation of the bioelectric DC voltage of the S2-S4 parasymapethetic nerves. The DC voltage is what the battery can store. Stress can help consume the DC voltage. The bad news is that a weak adrenal function due to a low DC level of the vagus nerves will promote the stress neurohomone adrenalin production. When a moderate level of stress hormone is acting on the beta receptors of the penile arteries, by blocking the alpha-2 receptors, stress can be turned into the erection power when the parasympathetic DC battery can still elevate the bioelectric potential in the penile nerves.
A weak erection foirces you to "exercise" your PC muscle to stimulate your Cowper's (bulbourethral) glands to produce excessive pre-cum (pre-ejaculation fluids). The precum promotes ejaculation due to a contraction stimulation hormone called Prostaglandin E-2. When the precum floods your urethra, you will ejaculate immediately upon penile stimulation.
Over-masturbation promotes excessive production of the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol, both of which causes the sympathetic fires- anxiety and stress, resulting premature ejaculation during sex.

Over-ejaculation has blasted the ejaculation duct in the prostate and urethra with a chemical-concentrated fluid called semen.
The frequent seminal blasting of the ejaculation ducts causes irritation - the official names: prostatitis or urethritis.
Each ejaculation elevates your PSA level - the prostate enlargement index for next 24 hours.
Over-ejaculation keeps your prostate enlarging for more sex , more ejaculation and urinary urgency.
You have to break this endless cycle.

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