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Case Title:  God help him stop over-masturbation and Dr. Lin's Ballooning Method helps him enlarge his penis from 6 inches to 7 inches for more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 7/22/2002>
Hi Dr. Lin!

I've tried emailing you a couple of times but I didn't use this form, so I'm not sure that you got the emails, maybe you're so busy you didn't have time, I understand, this is a lot of work to do for free...
First, I want to thank you for you unselfish work in helping people wake up their sexual lives, and to root out their problems with your assistance, most people would be very selfish and greedy with the kind of understanding you have, so I honor you for your generous giving.
Second, my particular problem is one of penis sensitivity, when I make love to my girlfriend, oftentimes I find that during orgasm, my glans becomes to highly sensitive to continue thrusting, or during oral sex, I can't take any stimulation of the glans, it almost hurts. 
I started masturbating at age 8 (too young), however, I've found that with your techniques, I've been able to balance out my sexual drive and I only masturbate now about once a week, and that in order to try and indice a tailbone orgasm without ejaculation. I've also been able to enlarge my penis size from 6 to seven inches which has been quite a surprise. I'm very determined to reverse the weakening effects that over ejaculation and excessive masturbation has brought on. Unforunately, our culture is too immersed in wrong ideas of sex, wrong relationships for the wrong reasons and wrong motives for living, so as a child, it was very difficult to avoid the wrong thinking created and the obsession with sexuality that too many children at too young of an age have.
Basically, I am a deeply religious person, my belief in God effects every part of my life, and I firmly believe it is God's will that sex be healthy, invigorating and life giving, and that it is the Father's will that healing occur in all phases of human life, including sex...that is, I do not believe that you are under any sort of condemnation from God, on the contrary, I believe God has given you a destiny to fulfill, and that you are doing just that, teaching high minded concepts of human relationships: care,concern,respect,honor and love. A true Taoist you might say.
I intend to buy your book and your products which look to be superior and tested, as I apprenticed with a Chinese Herbalist in Allston, Massachussetts, (called E Shan Tang Herbs, Dr. Wang Bing Zhi or BJ Wang) I well know the effectiveness of Chinese technique and wisdom in healing the human body.
Anyway, this is my third email to you, but the first using the right form, I apologize if I am bothering you, and I definitely understand if you are too busy and need to give priority to others with more serious problems.

Dr. Lin: 7/22/2002>
 Very Sorry to ignore your e-mails twice before. Every day, I am very busy in helping people having real problems.
It seems that you are lucky enough to use the penile ballooning method to knock down your over-masturbation habit and increase your penile size from 6 " to 7". I believe that God help you control yourself so that you have become brave enough to overcome the chronic over-mastrurbation habit. Teenage boys and girls can not avoid the over-masturbation addiction.
Sex is like water or fire. Water gives you life support, but it can flood and kill you. Fire keeps you warm in the cold weather, but it can burn you out. Sex gives you a lot of pleasure, but it can destroy you! The Tao of Love is the way of sex, -
The glans penis and clitoris become overwhelmingly sensitive upon orgasm or in the immediate post-orgasm state when there is excessive adrenalin over-exciting the local sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits and binding (trapping) into the alpha-2 receptors and an abrupt drop of the relaxation/elastic hormone prostaglandin E-1 in the spongy tissues. Our solution for this problem is to retain the prostaglandin E-1 level, to partially block the alpha-2 receptors, and to reduce the dopamine-adrenalin conversion during or after orgasm. Generally, ViaPal-hGH-M or ViaPal-hGH-P (or ViaPal -hGH-J for young people) can help solve the problem.
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